The Rally

The Rally

"The Rally" is a gritty drama which follows several families living in a town riddled with crime and corruption. As the local church works to bring positive change to the town, they are confronted at every turn by those that desire to keep the city in bondage...until today.

The Rally is the journey of 4 families and the challenges they face in the small, crime riddled town in which they live. As God's love explodes into their circumstances, they each find ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chaitanya K (us) wrote: A movie that speaks my heart. Deeds and devotion matter. Nothing else.

Cade H (au) wrote: Frat Party was not anything like the title implies. Yes there was a frat party but this was no typical college party movie. The movie seemed very real in the way it was filmed and how casual and normal the actors played their parts. The actual frat party was only a small part of the movie and it was nothing to crazy. The idea of the movie was cool but the way it all ended up playing out did not turn out good. It was like they ran out of ideas half way through and the last part of the movie was very boring. The relationship between the 2 main characters did not seem real at all and only a few good scenes redeemed the movie. Do not assume that every movie like this that has a fun sounding title is going to be fun, skip this one if you can.

Nathan G (au) wrote: Still keeps me thinking to this day

Micah G (ag) wrote: A clever indictment of Bob Dylan fans and the mass chaos that would ensue if they took over the country. However, it doesn't quite reach all the potential I hoped for. An art house wank that wants to sniff its own farts more than entertain, yet when it does you can't deny the charm. Some bizarrely funny witticisms and strong performances (Goodman is king as always) save it from failure. "I'm Not There" it isn't, but it's interesting enough. Now I think I'll go return it to Big Lots.

Scott R (ru) wrote: They tried something new, and it almost worked but ultimately fell short. I had to see it after meeting Victoria Jackson.

Gman H (br) wrote: I've got no idea why the critics disliked this movie, it's brilliant!Great directorial debut from Cox and a really surprising performance from Scott - I didn't think he had it in him!Give this a watch. Perfect blend of humour & drama - cracked me up at times!Ted: When its darkest, we can see the stars. They're always there. You just gotta remember to tip your head back and look up.[7.5/10]


Spookie M (br) wrote: A childhood favourite that doesn't really hold up. It's fun to watch and laugh at it's ridiculousness but the whole thing feels like a tv show. And a racist one too as the Korean character of Chiun is played by a white man.

Osvaldo R (mx) wrote: One of my personal favorites, the story is what makes this a great movie.