The Rambler

The Rambler

After being released from prison, a man known as The Rambler stumbles upon a strange mystery as he attempts a dangerous journey through treacherous back roads and small towns en route to reconnecting with his long lost brother.

A quiet drifter leaves prison, finds home on the road. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris b (de) wrote: Funny film that showcases Gordon at her absolute best. Dont know why it isnt mentioned today as much as it should its a good comedy. Segal is good as well. Try and find this one.

Geoff J (nl) wrote: Charming indie SF drama.

Scott C (fr) wrote: Fascinating documentary about actor/director Sarah Polley's dramatic family secret. Loses a bit of steam in the unnecessary last 15-20 minutes, but that's one of the only flaws. One of the best films to come out of Canada in a long time.

Mayank A (us) wrote: Decent animation with good voice cast is wasted on a flat story line and dull dialogues. Kids should enjoy the Animals but adults will get bored pretty fast.

shanul h (it) wrote: Silly but enjoyable horror/comedy.

Cort J (nl) wrote: Still holds up well...I am glad they are making a thrid one

Jay B (us) wrote: It's funny what passed for quality when I was seven-years-old. I remembered this movie fondly, but yikes. Sure, it wins a little for nostalgia... but Richie Rich is clearly a movie for children.... and not adults who enjoyed it as children.

Grayson D (ru) wrote: Poor sequel, but if you watch it with low expectations the cast keep it bearable.

Adele H (au) wrote: The ultimate chick flick film :D

Ishan J (ca) wrote: have seen it more than 50 times, still not all time favourite...

Justin D (fr) wrote: love it. one of my favorites. classic.

Ani K (jp) wrote: Love this movie, especially the songs sung by Donovan. Wish they had made a soundtrack.

Garrett C (gb) wrote: Scott's legendary performance, Coppola's pitch perfect script, Goldsmith's innovative soundtrack, and Schaffner's uncluttered directing all mix to make one of the finest American films ever released.

Quasar T (mx) wrote: A great villain and amazing cinematography--loved it!

Stephen R (au) wrote: it would appear stella likes westerns more than stanley...classics at least...wonder what thats about...uh oh they are retsaging an ole standoff now

David L (de) wrote: A little different to what I was expecting which I think was a good thing as I'd expected some lavish production full of drag queens and bitchiness. On the contrary, it was pretty much a Christina concert, with a Cher warm up act, with a measure of dialogue for luck. It certainly didn't take long to get going as we were in the club with pretty much the second scene of the movie with Xtina immediately getting herself noticed and wanting an audition. Some of the character relations were good but these kind of petered out once Ms Aguilera landed the lead role as every other scene was a production of hers in lavish costume and typically over the top vocals. If you're a big fan of these acts then you'll love this movie, but other than one song that was reasonably catchy, the music was not that memorable. It's a typical chick flick but not even that as there's not enough off stage scenes for my liking. There's plenty of pouting, posing, and performing up to the camera's and the cast have naturally been chosen for their looks more than their acting CV. There's a typically Channing Tatum like actor who seems to be removing his top and striking sultry looks at every opportunity, and the direction this movie was taking was pretty obvious as it settled in. Not that I've seen it but I can imagine that Britney Spears' movie would be pretty similar to this in the sense that she'd be working with model guys, showcasing her vocal 'talents' and aiming the movie towards fans of their albums as opposed to the general public. To be fair, the acting could have been a lot worse, and Cher is possibly a better actress than singer now anyway due to the fact she can hardly move her face - perhaps this makes her the perfect candidate to play a part in the Mannequin series of films?! Casting aside, this wasn't the best, as it lacked variation, comedy and more importantly; a decent soundtrack.