The Rape of the Vampire

The Rape of the Vampire

This bizarre, surrealistic erotic-horror film was the first feature by cult director Jean Rollin. There's a great deal of sex, blood, and arty imagery but very little plot to speak of. What plot there is primarily focuses on a pair of insane vampiric sisters who believe that they are cursed by a black Queen Vampire who wears a salamander headband and carries a broadsword.

After a psychoanalyst unsuccessfully tries to convince four sisters that they are not 200 year old vampires, the Queen of the Vampires promulgates the cause of the Undead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared F (ru) wrote: A teen slasher meets deliverance meets X-Files. Pretty sure this was shot over a long weekend for a whopping budget of $14 and a Subway sandwich.

Mark W (au) wrote: The last time writer/director Paul Schrader delved into the seedy world of male escorts was in 1980 with "American Gigolo". That film gained notoriety, not for it's quality or exemplary filmmaking but for being the first time on screen that there was full frontal male nudity in a mainstream film. Thankfully we are spared such indescretion this time, but it still doesn't save the film. Carter Page III (Woody Harrelson) is an escort for some of Washington, D.C.'s finest society women. He accompanies them to several high-class events whenever they are in need of male company. When the husband of one of his lady friends appears murdered, Carter gets caught up in a scandal-tinged murder mystery. Paul Schrader is normally quite reliable but I wish I had remembered that the aforementioned "American Gigolo" was a stinker before I'd sat down to this equally poor retread and saved myself the time. And quite a bit of time that would have been. It would have amounted to 1hour 47mins, which going by the pace of this film, would have seemed as if I'd saved more. By god this film takes a long time going nowhere. Harrelson puts in a decent attempt as the gay socialite with southern drawl but ultimately he's miscast. He maintains your interest for a short time and from the beginning the film looks very promising. However, it soon becomes very dull, very quickly, and there's nothing Harrelson or the impressive supporting cast of fabulous actresses can do about it. Murder mysteries normally have anticipation, suspense, and intrigue. This has neither, and going by the mis-judged tempo of the film, "The Crawler" would have been a better choice of title.

Zachariah C (au) wrote: I just watched this the other day, and I have to say, it was horrible. There were some interesting aspects, but just not a very good movie. Honestly, I chose it because Emmanuelle Chriqui and Mila Kunis are in it, but it did not make the movie any better. Jane Seymour's part was tiny, I cannot believe Zoe Saldana would be in it, and it was just disappointing. I was not sure what to expect honestly, but this movie was just not worth making. The most confusing point in the whole thing was the exchange between Chriqui and O'Donnell. It left me wondering, "What was the point of that?"

Thomas K (fr) wrote: I never understood the hatred this film got. It's a lot of fun and what a cast the damn thing has! I own a copy on VHS and still drag it out a couple of times a year. Finally, it will never be as bad as Superman 4.

Haytham K (kr) wrote: A good old-fashioned romance from the Golden Age of Hollywood

Matty M (de) wrote: Domino (2005) is one of my all time favorite films for it's time and yet still to date I can drop this movie in the DVD Player and kick back to enjoy the action. I haven't had a lot of time to get my reviews in on all of the movie I own or have watched being that their thousands upon thousands but as time passes I will get to it; I had to take a moment to express my views on Domino. This movie is filled with action, it's sort of the "21 Jump Street" on crack filled with a bit of "Natural Born Killers" love. Now I'm a huge fan of Keira Knightley and so far have liked every film she has performed in; this one still is my favorite of the lot. What more could you ask for in an action movie, tons of guns flaring, conspiracy, and the boat ride that just keeps burning to the ground while in mid float. Love it!