The Rat

Jean Boucheron the cat burglar is the darling of the Montmartre whores--and catches the eye of slumming socialite Zelia de Chaumont, who decides to "reform" him. A complication is his ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length: 72 minutes
  • Release: 1937
  • Language: English
  • IMDB link: The Rat
  • Keywords: based on play,   remake,  

. . A complication is his . Jean Boucheron the cat burglar is the darling of the Montmartre whores--and catches the eye of slumming socialite Zelia de Chaumont, who decides to "reform" him

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Users reviews

Belleh E (es)

. . . . . . . enjoy because I did a whole lot. . . . . . watch with an open mind and heart. . . . Please reserve comments and judgement until you have finished watching. Thought provoking, spot-on, raw, timely, honest, real, hits a nerve (many times over), hopeful and I could go on and on. Excellent!!!!! About time we see a movie focused on the man's perspective

Daniel M (ag)

I've seen it on TV a few times, and would watch it again. It's got all you could ask for really: Horror, drama, action, and a good ending. Not too many people liked this one, but I truly enjoyed it

Eduardo G (fr)

No se, pero es de las pelculas idiotas que me encantan

Gabriel C (br)

With bad acting, horrible writing, unimpressive special effects and painfully unfunny humor, Howard the Duck is a shrill, loud and surprisingly mean-spirited comedy that alienates its own audience

Harry W (es)

BAADASSSSS! is an excellently directed and flawlessly acted biopic which features a strong script and incredible dedicated passion from Mario Van Peebles in the best film work of his entire career. Not only did it boost my ambitions as a filmmaker, but it provided me a lot of insight into the history of cinema and the incredible talents of Mario Van Peebles, as well as the talents of his own father which he depicted on screen. Quite frankly, BAADASSSSS! is one of the most inspiring films I have ever seen. Lastly, Khleo Thomas' small role as a young Mario Van Peebles was a nice touch because he firmly embodies the man who directed BAADASSSSS! and shares an excellent father-son chemistry with Mario Van Peebles as he plays his own father Melvin Van Peebles. They prove really beneficial to the cast in BAADASSSSS! and deliver their lines with strong charisma. Ossie Davis and Adam West also give really effective performances which bring in the best of their natural elements as actors and plays it out on the screen one more time. Karimah Westbrook's small role is an effective one as well because it shows off her abilities as an actress as well as her immense sexual appeal. David Alan Grier maintains a certain level of confidence and sophistication to him in BAADASSSSS!, and his chemistry with Mario Van Peebles is terrific. Joy Bryant is a great addition to the cast of BAADASSSSS!. Joy Bryant's performance manages to prove a lot of what she can do within a very brief screen time, and she faces an interesting role and takes it head on without experiencing any trouble along the way. BAADASSSSS! presents a great opportunity to Rainn Wilson, and he takes it by storm without problem. Rainn Wilson has such a spaced out persona in BAADASSSSS! without deviating far from his natural and dedicated charisma, and whilst his character is surprising his performance is really not because the man is a great actor. Since I'm used to seeing him as the uptight Dwight Schrute from the US series The Office, it is awesome to see him in the more laid back and open role of Bill Harris because of how in the film he deals with the dramatic plot dynamics in a significantly more realistic and troubled way. Rainn Wilson's performance is such an unhinged one. Frankly, the idea of a man playing his own father is almost too good to be true, and in BAADASSSSS! it is so perfect thanks to the greatest acting performance Mario Van Peebles has ever given. And Mario Van Peebles embodies the role of the man, his own father, capturing a sharp and intelligent line delivery with a standover physicality which gives him a convincing strength, the strength to stand up to an unforgiving world and all the adversity that he faces. Melvin Van Peebles is an excellent filmmaker, a man standing for his own rights and the rights of others, and above all a man without fear. Melvin Van Peebles may sound simply like an ambitious filmmaker on the surface, but Mario Van Peebles reveals through an intelligent and excellent performance that he is a lot of things. Mario Van Peebles' performance as his own father Melvin Van Peebles is the greatest of his career and it is undeniable. And on top of all of it, the acting in BAADASSSSS! is thoroughly intelligent, very realistic and captures the timeframe of its setting very well. The soundtrack is also really groovy and it captures a lot of the cool tunes that came from the 1970's timeframe that the film is based in. Technically, BAADASSSSS! is brilliant and makes for an intense visual experience from start to finish. It has a lot of artistic cinematography reminiscent of the style of blaxploitation films as well as a lot of camerawork which really depicts the state of mind that Melvin Van Peebles faces as his own personal turmoil comes into conflict with the production of his film. From a technical perspective, BAADASSSSS! is terrific. BAADASSSSS! is an example of excellent storytelling, and it shows the endeavour of Mario Van Peebles' many talents. There is not a more perfect person for the role of director and writer than him, and he proves that because all his knowledge about acting, writing and directing is put into BAADASSSSS!, and the final product is just refreshing. Frankly its an incredible effort on behalf of him. BAADASSSSS! benefits from the best possible direction available to it from Mario Van Peebles, and he keeps it intelligently scripted as well because it captures the natural language from its timeframe as well as a lot of genuine intelligence to it. After seeing BAADASSSSS!, I have an entirely new respect for him as an actor and a filmmaker. As Mario Van Peebles has a first hand experience with the making of the film and has direct contact with his father who put everything into making the film, Mario Van Peebles has the truth behind the production of the film and without fear, he shows it in BAADASSSSS! Before BAADASSSSS!, I only knew Mario Van Peebles as the bad antagonist from Highlander III: Final Dimension. He doesn't make the film a self-indulgent criticism of his father, but revealed some of the characteristics of his father which were troublesome to him and to the surrounding people during the making of Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. And you can see that he puts quite a bit of emphasis on how the film affected his life by revealing the way that his father sort of forced him into the film and demanded he cut his hair against his will. He is the perfect man for the job as the director of BAADASSSSS! because he has the same filmmaking passion in his loins that Melvin Van Peebles had when he made Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. BAADASSSSS! has an interesting story to it because as well as analysing the production of a film and just how important it was to its cultural timeframe, and director Mario Van Peebles passionately proves just how important that the film is to him. I didn't realise the importance of it until seeing BAADASSSSS! because that film captured every element of the film's importance and the complicated production of the feature as told with the greatest heart that Mario Van Peebles has as a filmmaker. One film which isn't as well known except among the African American community is the film Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song which was one of the few films created by and starring African Americans which didn't fall simply into Blaxploitation genre. During the counterculture time frame of the late 1960's and most of the 1970's, a lot of films took different approaches to the concept of defying corruption in justice such as Roman Polanski's Chinatown and Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider. So BAADASSSSS! sounds exactly like my kind of film. And as an avid fan of cinema, BAADASSSSS! interests me because I'm always interested to see a film about the history behind the creation of a film, and when it covers an important film from a historical standpoint, it's just icing on the cake. Melvin Van Peebles was the director and star of the film Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, so to have his son Mario Van Peebles serve as the director and main actor in BAADASSSSS! makes it a touching piece. And considering that BAADASSSSS! serves as the Citizen Kane to the son of the original film's director, it sounded like a rather compelling piece. BAADASSSSS! sounded like An interesting feature on the surface because it is based on the true story of the production of the movie Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, an industry changing film for the African-American community

Heather M (jp)

This cast definitely worked for this story and there was a great, sappy ending that is usually missing in Shakespeare's tragedies. Any adaptation (no matter how loose) of a Shakespeare story is going to be good if done right. Despite the insane musical numbers this movie had a lot of great moments

Helena M (kr)

A good movie, depicting a ugly side of politics

jay n (au)

Chances are you will be too. Jane Alexander and Madeline Kahn are shamefully wasted, Reynolds looks like a wax figure and Clint walks through it as if he's bored by the whole thing. Completely ordinary crime comedy

Johnathan K (gb)

low to start of,. Really good movie

PY C (it)

It's not an interesting movie to begin with so would definitely not recommend this. I feel like I'm too old for this movie