The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!

The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!

The daughter in a family of werewolves decides to put an end to the family curse.

The Mooneys are an eccentric English family whom live in a large house in rural England in the early 1900s. The invalid patriarch 'Pa' Mooney (Douglas Phair) is a retired medical doctor who claims to be 199 years old. His eldest daughter, Phoebe (Joan Ogden), more or less cares for him and is head of running the household. His eldest son, Mortimer (Noel Collins), is a businessman whom conducts the finances of the family and contributes to the family income. Younger daughter Monica (Hope Stansbury) is a sadist who keeps live rats as pets and frequently mutilates them and other small animals. Youngest son Malcolm (Berwick Kaler) is a half-wit with animal tendencies in which the family keeps him locked up in a room of the house with live chickens. The family has a secret: they are all werewolves! They are natural born, not made, werewolves whom turn once a month on the night of the full moon and Pa Mooney has been researching for years to find a way to break the family curse. Youngest ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guido L (fr) wrote: Somewhat disappointing. Decent stories, but the acting too often seemed like a radio play, a quality that was amplified by the pontification on big concepts and the lack of true emotional resonance. Perhaps the tales should have been intercut, rather than told separately. A decent addition to the mythos, though.

Joel P (nl) wrote: A little self-conscious, a little precious, a little Can-Con-y, and lacking some of the extra layers of the book - but still successful, I thought. A pleasant-enough meditation on mourning.

Russell G (kr) wrote: An interesting and seemingly honest look at mercenaries. It goes a bit over board with the personal stories over information, but still a decent watch.

gustavmarkovic31 (nl) wrote: By far, the best DCOM I;ve seen, with a great original idea, and some talented promising actors. Kay Panabaker is the unfortunate girl in junior high who finds herself a national celebrity after she accidently hands in her journal to a national english competition, instead of her essay. It becomes a number-1 best seller and the readers scream for sequels to the popular series. Panabaker, however is haunted by her alter-ego (portraid by her equally talented and beautiful Danielle) Is, who is the hero of her book series, and now seems to be controlling her life. With an almost horror-esque touch to it, the impending sense of hallucinations on Kay Panabaker's part creep out her friends and give her enemies something to mock her about, which all dramatically changes after she becomes a celebrity, and then quickly reverses when the whole school finds out she based al the characters in the book about her real-life class-mates. Hugely enjoyable and fun for any age, Read it and Weep puts other DCOMs to shame.

Li S (fr) wrote: great film..yet bias coming from me. I just love Maria Schreider

Zo H (ru) wrote: Interesting film on the power and deception of our own memories

Zachary H (ru) wrote: A movie i suppose that is somewhat in the vein of Ken Russell's Tommy disaster, only miles better. I thought a lot of the sex scenes were unnecessary. I found it interesting how Curt Wild (Ewan McGregor), while obviously inspired by Iggy Pop, in the middle of the film seemed to become an approximation of Kurt Cobain. There was a similarity with the look and some mannerisms.

Jose Luis M (mx) wrote: Comedia rom ntica de Peter Weir o cuando te casas con un completo desconocido , la volv a ver despus de aos y veo que no ha envejecido , estupendos Gerard Depardieu y Andie McDowell.

ravenhaired1 (gb) wrote: man I saw this movie in the 80's(I was just a teen) I was hot over the guy and it didn't hurt that the girls name was April(cause that is mine!~!) luv the part where he say's April...your not wearing panties!!!!lol!!!

Art S (ru) wrote: This was Tarkovsky's student thesis film, clocking in at about 45 minutes and in the rather glorious color that films shined with at the time. A small boy learning the violin is teased by other bigger kids but finds a protector in a local worker who is operating a steamroller on a nearby building site. Their unlikely friendship plays out in a series of anecdotes culminating with an agreed upon plan to go to the movies - which the boy's mother subsequently prohibits. Somehow I kept expecting the violin to be smashed flat by the steamroller, but it didn't happen. That wouldn't be Tarkovsky's way, I'm sure, and instead he seems to be focusing on the relationship between workers and artists in the communist regime. Can't they be friends? Stalin rode roughshod over the arts bending them to his will but again Tarkovsky looks beyond that grudge to think more carefully about the role of art in a society and its contributions. The film contains dazzling poetic shots that must have led everyone to believe that this student would one day become a master filmmaker - and he did (Andrei Rublev, Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, etc.).

Richard P (de) wrote: Great movie with a great cast. This movie is not dated like most of the 50"s movies. A must see. "Yeah, I've been beaten up, but I'm not beaten. I'm not beaten, and I'm not quittin'."

Leanne K (kr) wrote: Also watched this over the weekend!

Jim H (mx) wrote: Fanning and Olsen get half a star each for being great at what they do, but this movie is just a pile of ridiculous hipster-douchebag nonsense. Great soundtrack, though.

Adam R (us) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/13/2010)

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The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! torrent

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