The Reason

The Reason

Four people are discovered brutally murdered in an up-scale high-rise apartment. All the victims appear to be family, but as the investigation deepens it is discovered that one of the victims isn't related to the family.

Four people are discovered brutally murdered in an up-scale high-rise apartment. All the victims appear to be family, but as the investigation deepens it is discovered that one of the victims isn't related to the family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ayden W (jp) wrote: A bizarre film that doesn't know what it's trying to tell us. A Field in England is original and contains some strange, surreal imagery, but the plot is convoluted and the frequent segments of oddity will only appease the most esoteric watcher.

Kat K (ca) wrote: A good depiction of her story, and where she had gotten the ideas for Harry Potter from. A good nod to the writer. Not a regular rise to fame story

David J (us) wrote: This film was incredibly sweet, if not too cutesy at times. The incredible innocence was captured very well by the lead actors; it was believable in how ridiculous the thought process played out for either of them (in terms of youthful innocence).The acting itself was alright, which makes sense given how young either lead was, and I felt Anthony Edwards did a generally poor job as the prickly Mr. Loski.

Duncan K (it) wrote: Is it just me, or do the Farrelly brothers really have no idea of what constitutes a funny idea. Conjoined twins aren't funny in the way that two brain damaged morons, and a morbidly obese person aren't funny............oh, right.

Jamison R (mx) wrote: With a cast consisting of a who's who of great actors of the 70's, this film tells the story of a failed Mars mission that is faked for the world to see. But what happens next? The star of this film is the exceptional cinematography. The grand look and feel, specifically in the second half truly boost this movie up a notch. And the finale is amazing to watch.

Richard D (nl) wrote: A stunning example of the Japanese New Wave. A deeply psychological yakuza film ... one of the slowest burns I've ever seen of film. In a way, it's a typical film noir plot about a man becoming obsessed with a dangerous woman that brings about his downfall. The style is not what one would expect from this story. The closest comparison would be "Bob le Flambeur".

Bill T (ru) wrote: A bit of a letdown, "Charlie Chan on Broadway" takes the legendary detective and puts him in New York (the broadway motif isn't REALLY touched upon) and he needs to figure out who killed a woman wanting to spill the beans about the underworld. Not a huge mystery if you're paying attention,Warner Orland looks about ready to give the character a rest. Keye Luke is always great though.

eni r (ca) wrote: Honestly, they creep me out a little

Tony P (ca) wrote: Clint Eastwood stars in one of his most famous roles as San Francisco Homicide Inspector Harry Callahan known amongst the police fraternity as Dirty Harry for his quite antihero but ultimately successful methods.The film from 1971 is lavishly shot in the city of San Francisco by director Don Siegel. The film also boasts a soundtrack composed by Lalo Schifrin better known for composing the TV theme for Mission Impossible.The plot concerns a mad man serial killer called Scorpio who terrorises the city with ransom demands and ever more elaborate murders.The city mayor not wanting more bloodbaths seems intent on meeting the killers increasing financial demands whilst Callahan believes he needs stopping using his more direct methods shall we say that fly against the 'left wing' civil liberties of the American constitution.Eastwood directs some scenes himself in a sign of what direction (pardon the pun) his later film career will take perhaps.I was amused with the 1971 environment. For example Scorpio at first demands the 'massive' sum of $100,000!The cars look massive almost as bushy as Eastwoods hairstyle.I sometimes wonder if a more right wing method of law enforcement would lower the crime rate (minus blowing people's heads off of course!)That reminds me. The film is best known for one of Callahans phrases that he uses twice in this film.The "Do you feel lucky, punk" speech. Actually Callahan is armed with a .44 Magnum firearm. The most powerful hangun in the world at the time.It apparently could blow your head clean off. If faced with its barrel pointing at you, you've got to ask yourself one question surely. It fires six bullets. In all the excitement of a 1970s shooutout. You wonder if five or six shots have been fired. 'Do I feel lucky? Well, do you punk?'

Alice S (fr) wrote: I think I like this movie more upon rewatch because I am now an out-and-proud Megan Fox fan :-P Fox came on the scene as a salty male fantasy, but in the past several years, she has proven her supporting actress mettle in low-key dramas and mainstream comedies. She has a certain quality that evokes the same charm and magnetism of Marilyn Monroe, an actress with ambiguous talent who was poorly managed and not taken seriously because of her pin-up appearance and frothy voice. Such is the case for Fox. She possesses Monroe's bewitching beauty but also her uncannily sad eyes. Fox's physical attributes render her undoubtedly perfect for the role of the devilishly hot and eerily mercurial man-eater, Jennifer, but she actually brings some layers into the character - not only the sweetly flustered flirtation or the quietly anguished "My name is Jennifer" - but a layer that I'm not sure the filmmakers intended (more on why not later). Even in the scenes where Jennifer is madcap elated, Fox's sad eyes seem to imply a deeper torment tugging at the surface demon. This leads me to believe that Jennifer's soul is still present and fighting for control of her body, but the film does not go in that direction. There's much to like about the movie: the pumping soundtrack, the satirical commentary on indie bands and tragedy boners, the pervasive hotness. In the end though, it's just a cheap, crazy-chick-gets-revenge flick (the trope of which has experienced a feminist/pseudo-feminist resurgence with many of Gillian Flynn's novel adaptations). Diablo Cody tried to write a feminist horror movie in which all the tropes of helpless, preyed-upon women get turned on their heads. A woman preys on the men, and a woman ultimately kills the demon, but the eponymous woman is merely fantasy porn for sadistic man-haters. I would have liked the movie better if Jennifer only kills the men who wronged her or leched after her. Chip would be spared, and the douches of Low Shoulder will get their due without Needy having to resort to one-dimensional cracked-outedness. The script doesn't allow the demon any depth; despite Fox's nuanced gaze, her original soul is a null entity. I was hoping that the movie would actually follow through with its truthful analysis of tragedy, but alas, it's just not-as-clever, awkwardly-executed "Juno"-esque dialogue with blood and gore. And a hot lesbian make-out. But you know, that part didn't really further the plot.

F B (gb) wrote: Absolute rubbish. A tedious and boring hour and a half of utter trash. Was pleased when it ended.

Armando B (mx) wrote: Syriana is a confusing and puzzling story which is poorly told. Characters seemed to drift in and out of this movie with no clear purpose and at times no obvious connection. Especially with George Clooney and Matt Damon leading the way, I think it was a waste of good actors. So for this being a not good movie, or I guess this was just not for me, I give "Syriana" a D.