The Reasons of the Heart

The Reasons of the Heart


Emilia, a housewife frustrated by the mediocrity of his life, by the failures of her husband and an exhausting and badly kept motherhood, feels that her patience is about to overflow. To top it off in one day her lover leaves her and his credit card is cancelled. In her apartment, empty and desolate, she finally decides to take a long time meditated decision: suicide. Curiously, her death causes the approach between the cuckolded husband and the elusive lover. Adaptation of "Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dusty L (jp) wrote: 92% on my Tomatometer.

Ian E (ru) wrote: Even though the structure of the story is uneven in the case of constant flipping between timelines, "The Railway Man" still maintains the sensitive and emotionally astute tone while benefiting from empathetic acting performances.

Juli N (ca) wrote: If you think drawing and quartering Ian Clark is too harsh a punishment then you haven't seen this film!

Conner K (de) wrote: Very good editing allows this documentary to flourish. It is not biased and presents various opinions about Senna. They could have fallen into the trap of making Prost the villain, but instead they got the balance perfect. The ending still packs a punch on multiple viewings.

Ingemar K (kr) wrote: Best of the Bourne movies.

Gareth D (au) wrote: Reminds me a little of Safe House, but well not as good. I had high hopes with Samuel being in it. It's rather contrived and well ridiculous in places.

Jocey D (au) wrote: Confusing movie. No progression of storyline or much development of sympathy for mother.

Angelina C (jp) wrote: one of my all time faves!! Watch it over n over and never got bored. Its a charming romantic story that was delivered so well by Cybil shepard and a very boyish charmer, Robert Downey Jr. Also a great song "After All" sung by Cher and Peter Cetera

Jacob F (nl) wrote: While I like French films as much as, er, the next person who likes French films, they can be pretentious at times. This is the most annoying French film I've see. A mess.

The Critic (fr) wrote: Steven Kostanski does so much with the most of minimalist budgets (around CA$1,000) to present a highly imaginative and cartoonish futuristic action caper. 'Manborg' is also quite funny, though perhaps unintentionally so, as it is appallingly acted and features dialogue straight from the clich handbook. (Sample lines: 'It's never too late to be the hero.' and 'Hey, bro. It's me, your brother.' Enough said.) Featuring excellent make-up and costumes, this is an overall enjoyable experience; it has the potential to be adapted into a big budget Hollywood blockbuster or an animated epic by a Japanese studio. That Kostanski does not appear to have been approached by either is the most disappointing result of this commendable exercise.