The Red Colored Grey Truck

The Red Colored Grey Truck

Belgrade, the summer of 1991. Yugoslavia is falling apart. Gavran can't get a driving licence because he is color blind. He is a rural Bosnian introvert obsessed with trucks. So, as soon as he is released from prison, he steals a truck to go on a joyride. Suzana, a city girl, discovers she is pregnant, but until she's due for an abortion, she decides to go to Dubrovnik. She hitchikes and Gavran almost runs her over. She is unhurt, but she blackmails him to take her to Dubrovnik. Two people from different worlds, equally removed from the real one. For him she is the first woman he can talk to; for her he is just another idiot to add to the long list of them that she has so far compiled. But the pressure of danger and the intimations of war force them together. The world about them has become so absurd that they seem to each other the only sober people left.

This movie is mainly a love story, and the scenery is the first day of the civil war in ex Yugoslavia (June 1991). The main character is Ratko, an ex con, from some Bosnian "never go there"... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (mx) wrote: The same tricks , traps and stuff like in the first 4 movies . ooh

Jamie C (us) wrote: First thing first it's a Hangover film without the Hangover, Which straight away is completely different to the first two, I must admit after reading allot of negative comments I watched it expecting the worst, But i'ts not nearly as bad as you think, Ok it's more of a crime film than a comedy but there's some funny bits and allot of fun to be had, A good story to tie in with the first two and just like the first two it's Zach Galifianakis and Ken Keong that provide the laughs, Not as good as the first two but still very underrated.

Viola E (jp) wrote: Entertaining, engaging, endearing. Simply brilliant! A can't-miss for war movie fanatics.

Dylan S (br) wrote: This will be short. Unappealing plot (if you can even call it a "plot"), most killing is off-screen, the killer is a bear so theres no back story, you can't really relate to any of the characters unless you're in prison while watching this, and the ending is just stupid. Don't waste your time with this poor excuse for a horror film. 2/10

Elliot P (ru) wrote: Brilliant story and in my opinion fantastic acting. Although it's pace seems far too quick and inevitably seems unsatisfying for what is already a fairly long film. PS Ledger is perfect.

Entertain Me O (it) wrote: 53%If you've read the book, you'll know this movie is terrible. But by itself, it's not necessarily BAD. Not good either.

Ariel R (de) wrote: I love this movie! Kirston is so funny!

Ginny A (ru) wrote: I'm in the midst of watching this three-hour film. It's good but tough to take! Dramatic, and probably pretty close to reality.

Kyle F (mx) wrote: The best heist film ever made

Tyler S (es) wrote: A classic from Wesley Snipes heyday. Here he plays a crack cocaine czar pursued by ice t and Judd Nelson. ..yes you read that right. Still I have to give it its props because of Snipes dynamic performance ...he's ruthless and lethal. Fun seeing Chris Rock in his early days as a fiend. Opens up eyes to the dangers of addiction with good performances. A little dated but still a snipes classic.

Larissa P (gb) wrote: This is where I learned John Travolta was once a serious actor. Nevermind Fred Astaire saying he can't dance, we all still think he's one badass dancer.

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Morpheus O (us) wrote: I can't help but compare this to film's of similar content. The acting in this movie was quite good, although perhaps not quite as good as say Made In Britain, there is only a marginal difference between this movie & that one in the acting, at best. The story was MUCH better, not the least of which is due to the fact that there is a good deal more character development; although, I would like to have seen more of an after-story, detailing what happens to the character's, such as what kind of reception did the punk kid get, the one who got kicked out of the car, once he returned to his friend's... I was surprised that they showed no repercussions from the idiot's robbing the store. After all, the owner knew Shaun & his Mom and Combo did threaten the owner's life... The ending made sense, tho I would like to have seen what happened to the group after the beating received by Milky, at the hand's of Combo.I was surprised that there was no mention of the 'traitor to the human species' political party the BNP, formed in 1982, after splintering from the 'traitor to the human species' National Front...The music, although not perfect overall, was a thousand times better, especially the song at the beginning, during the opening credit's. The choreography, between that song & the video footage is virtually flawless.