The Red Inn

The Red Inn

A group of travelers, including a monk, stay in a lonely inn in the mountains. The host confesses the monk his habit of serving poisoned soup to the guests, to rob their possessions and to bury them in the backyard. The story unfolds as the monk tries to save the guest's lives without violating the holy secrecy of the confession.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1951
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   murder,   melodrama,  

A group of travelers, including a monk, stay in a lonely inn in the mountains. The host confesses the monk his habit of serving poisoned soup to the guests, to rob their possessions and to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan S (fr) wrote: Maybe it's a silly and nonsensical movie... But it's entertaining, and it has several good jokes, and it reflects an almost real situation. And if you're Venezuelan, you're sure to love her.

Ryan O (de) wrote: I cant recall how I ever came across this one...but the description and the fact it was based on a bizarre true case out of Wisconsin caught my interest. Unfortunately, this movie is not nearly as interesting. Cast with mostly no name actors, minue Thora Birch as the lead, the acting is subpar. The writing is drab. And the pace of the film is horrendously slow. The movie played more like a TV Movie of the Week.

E L (es) wrote: Will there be anyone like Anita Mui again? A beautiful and tragic drama, full of style and gorgeous colours.

Nicole D (br) wrote: This is an awesome movie. I'd love to see it again!

Tim S (au) wrote: I am a huge Cassavettes fan and am the first one to say that this film is not for everyone. There are sections of this film (like most of his films) that people will find boring and way over the top, but it's something I find enduring and really enjoy watching. This is one of the first times where I have actually watched a Cassavettes film and thought, yeah, he could of cut some of this stuff out. Overall, I still enjoyed hanging out with John, Ben, and Peter for nearly three hours and going into this film, it's best to realize that is what you are doing. I think the film, for me, really picked up in the second half when the crew heads to London (the scenes of the three of these guys picking up women was everything I wanted it to be: awkward, funny, strange, and real). This is also definitely one of the best looking of Cassavettes' films with Victor J, Kemper adding technique to Cassavettes shoot from the hip style. Like most of his films, it probably just needs another watch.

Bruce B (us) wrote: Another Sword and Sandal Movie and why this movie has the name Colossus and the headhunters I do not know as the our hero is called Colossus once during the beginning of the film and after that he is Maciste. And is played by Kirk Morris. Movie opens up with a Earthquake and Volcano eruption, and our little Island that Maciste and his people are living on, slowly sinks into the sea, but not before everyone on the Island crawls on a single raft and floats around the sea, not know where any land is, we never see nightfall and next thing you know Wham there is a Island, Pay close attention when their washing up onshore you can see buildings in the background. Typical Hercules type movie, we see a lion, though he doesn't fight one, (always thought Lions were in Jungle and not on Roman or Greek Soil). Much fighting, and of course the save the girl. The ending has the longest fight scene that I have ever seen in a Sword and Sandal movie. My copy was washed out of color. Got better about midway through. It was from the Mill Creek Warriors 50 Pack. I can only give this one 2 1/2 stars.

Rose M (it) wrote: A must see. Mickey Rourke is a great friend to a teen who's father cares more about his new family then him. A rusty, macho ill guy who killed 93 people in the past. He gives the boy a whole new adult life. Fantastic

Brendan D (ag) wrote: Some good scenes. But I wanted something straight forward like death wish.

Allan C (es) wrote: A lesser film in the career of Fritz Lang, but it's still a very entertaining western (despite some cringeworthy portrayals of Native Americans) and a a typically solid performance by Randolph Scott. TCM is such a great channel for showing films that are not available on DVD or VHS.