The Red Orchestra

The Red Orchestra

The Red Orchestra was a Berlin-based resistance group that fought against the Third Reich within Germany. The Gestapo labeled them Communists and traitors, and so did the Allies. Only recently have historians recognized them as one of the most important resistance groups. This movie, made by the son of one of the survivors, tells their story for the first time to an American audience.

The Red Orchestra was a Berlin-based resistance group that fought against the Third Reich within Germany. The Gestapo labeled them Communists and traitors, and so did the Allies. Only ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jade K (it) wrote: Veery good would recommend for friends.

Robert B (de) wrote: Scalene (Zack Parker, 2011)The main problem with Scalene is that it is roughly half of a very interesting movie. We get all of the setup, and then just when the story is about to kick into gear, the movie ends and you realize that what you thought was the crucial piece of the setup was, in fact, meant as a twist ending. And to be fair to the movie, it does function that way, but it still feels like setup?and that makes it lack the twist-ending punch that would at least give it the gravitas necessary to perform its function in that regard. Jakob Trimble (Stake Land's Adam Scarimbolo) is twenty-six, mute, and somewhat mentally challenged. His mother Janice (Justified's Margo Martindale) has done most of the caregiving, though she mentions in one scene that he has also had a series of outside caregivers as well. The most recent of them is Paige (The Virgin Suicides' Hanna Hall). The film gives us a year of Paige working for Janice and Jakob through the eyes of all three participants. Something has gone terribly wrong, however; in the opening shot, we see Janice showing up at Paige's front door brandishing a gun. From there, we go back to when Paige is initially hired, and we see how we get from point A to point B.While I think this is a minor spoiler (I have been trying to avoid spoilers throughout despite a number of them appearing in every synopsis of the movie I have read), it's really something you want to know heading into this: it is a nasty little movie. There are no good guys here. That's interesting, because the movie is set up to be all good guys; Parker is playing the meta here, and he's pretty effective about it. (There is a scene early in the movie that you may spend some time wondering about. That scene is the one that tips Parker's hand that there are no good guys, not even the most obvious one.) Balancing that out , of course, is the missing second half of this movie. What should have been setup for the actual movie, which I think would have ended up being a bang-up trial thriller, is instead climax. The trade-off is that it does work in that it seems to inspire a good deal of discussion in the places one finds such things on the Internet, and I will certainly not complain about a filmmaker leaving unanswered questions when it makes sense in the context (it does here). I wonder if there's going to be a sequel? **

Darren C (fr) wrote: A watchable sy fy channel film don't expect a blockbuster by any means, I suppose bean needs to pay the bills some how

Eric K (nl) wrote: Really intriguing and interesting flick. I watched it because Jesse E. starred in it, and I was pleasantly surprised at the acting job Kristen Stewart did (as in not a fan of any of her other work) All the characters are intriguing and very interesting to see each of the stories okay out with them. Good flick and I recommend seeing it.

Nicki M (es) wrote: Extremely hard one to rate and review. It is absolute poo, do not get me wrong. The story barely makes sense, the acting is hammy and the drawn out go carting scene is excruciating, I nearly switched this off right there - I felt like I was watching the Disney channel. However. I did find I couldn't quite write it off and I did want to see the ending. David Boreanaz does hold this up somewhat (and I am not, and never was, a rabid fan). Even though logically, I know this is atrocious, I do see myself watching this again at some point. Sadly.

makayla a (ca) wrote: finally an OK talking animal movie for kids

Napalm K (ca) wrote: I don't know if the DVD included subtitles but I watched it without and it gave an authentic feel - not to mention my two favourite German actors (Kretschmann, Schweiger) are in it. Good war movie. Give it a watch or two.

Bobby S (gb) wrote: This is my favorite romantic comedy with Gay/Straight characters. This is NOT just a gay themed movie. There are 2 love stories going on at the same time. One gay character has a best friend that is good straight, and the other gay character has a female friend that is looking for love. It takes the 2 gay characters quite awhile to see if they even want to date. They are 2 completely different people with not much in common, yet they are attracted to each other.The great thing about this movie is that I always see myself in each of the characters at different times in the movie, and that is what makes it so damn good. It is clever, sharp witted, honest, and all I will say is that I had a Planet of the Apes doll too. I have also spent half of my life doing some things I haven't always been so proud of. But in the end, this is a movie that any straight person can watch and fully enjoy. I should say, some straight people that might squirm a little while watching 2 guys kiss....You know who you are...LOL! Check this movie out, get some friends together and make it a part of one of your movie nights. In my opinion, I think you will enjoy this movie completely.

Peter C (au) wrote: Err-or. Bierko is tough to watch, and Weber is doing a misguided Seinfeld impression (a man not known for his acting). the script is tv stagnant, and larry david rarely makes use of his medium; the whole thing could be an episode of tv.

Markus S (nl) wrote: Very good African-American love story.

Phil H (nl) wrote: quality film do watch

Hanif M (gb) wrote: The highest praise that I can give this film is that it makes you think. The plot starts off very slow but half an hour in and I was hooked. This movie deals with a lot of political issues and on the morality of war and suicide. It asks the question what would you do to save your family? The answers are shocking and horrifying.

Alice S (au) wrote: Horrible title. Somewhat bland, stereotypical leads: widower seemingly capitalizing on tragedy and quirky gal who needs to be quirkier than Jennifer Aniston can play her. Burke's reconciliation with his father-in-law is kinda nice, and I do like a good old ASL meet-cute.

Chris T (us) wrote: Even though it rips off both Marvel and DC characters, it is still a weaker effort for DreamWorks Animation.

Eric R (ca) wrote: my favorite thriller of all time