The Redsin Tower

The Redsin Tower

A teen girl's psychotic ex-boyfriend follows her friends to Redsin Tower, where a night of partying quickly becomes a fight for their very lives.

A teen girl's psychotic ex-boyfriend follows her friends to Redsin Tower, where a night of partying quickly becomes a fight for their very lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian R (au) wrote: good yet predictable but thats part of its charm

Gary B (au) wrote: more comedic than serious

Yaaynie K (gb) wrote: Bad acting. Bad "today-story". But the thing I really liked about the movie is the story Modesty tells about her life as a child. It somehow captured me.

Billy B (us) wrote: Rating - M for Medium Level Violence, Medium Level Coarse Language, Medium Level Sex Scene Tagline - See How They Run... When a woman is seen getting murdered on webcam, the only witness turns into the main suspect, but along with a female police officer, they set-up a trap, using the officer as bait, so the attacker will come, and then they can arrest them. Boring. The film was boring, and there was nothing intriguing other than the basic premise. We always knew what was going to happen, because we were informed of it 5 minutes earlier, which made the film drag on. The ending was cliche, and there was nothing that anyone would find interesting. It is similar to "Untraceable" in premise, but in no way superior to it. It's the latest release in the "internet killer" films, but the plot was abit of a love triangle happening too. Every minute was predictable, and not even the ending was a twist. The characters were douche's too. The acting was disgraceful. "Emilia Fox" somewhat reminded me of a British 'Julianne Moore", but would never reach that standard of acting. She was really annoying, partly because she always seemed to be doing wrong, making you wonder how she became an officer in the first place. "Edward Furlong" looked like a rat, and has an emotionless vioce. Nuff said. Overall "Three Blind Mice" is predictable, boring, and isn't as great as other Internet Killer horror's such as Untraceable. My rating is 2/5.

Aminul H (br) wrote: Sunshine offers us a make-you-think sci-fi thriller as the crew attempt to send a nuclear bomb into the Sun to reignite it. The claustrophobia of the film can be felt by the viewer as the film never leaves the spacecraft on which the crew members reside. The enormity of the mission is almost tangible and the mighty power of the Sun is wonderfully demonstrated. However, the characters were not well developed and Cillian Murphy's role as a physicist was not believable.The final act of the film is bitterly disappointing as it delved into slasher-movie territory that was not in keeping with the rest of the movie. However, it still remains a fascinating watch.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: In a stretch of cosmic irony, a true story of a Jewish lad during WWll who finds himself inducted into the Semite-hating Hitler youth. Incredible Forrest Gump-like circumstances happen often and fall wonderously like candy through a hole in the ceiling.

jwasu r (it) wrote: you fools, it was really ray liotta/danny luden.

Harrison R (de) wrote: So many movies adapted from books include the notable events but not the underlying causes. This seems to be one, though I haven't read the book, because none of these characters' motivations made any sense. It was like flippng from one tv channel to another without knowing the backstory for anything.

Peter M (gb) wrote: A classic film of American cinema, Bonnie and Clyde is led by strong performances from all of its main and supporting characters as well as a fairly accurate portrayal of the lives of the infamous criminals. Bonnie and Clyde is one film that you should for sure watch once in your lifetime

Truls B (au) wrote: Being based on an Alistair MacLean novel, this should be easy to make entertaining. However, although the twists, hints and teases are there, it still feels a bit unfulfilled. One problem is that Bronson really does not add any depth to his character and that the director has a perhaps too straight-forward approach thus making it a bit less intriguing and smart than it could be as well as leaving the characters uninteresting. Ed Lauter shines in an otherwise unremarkable cast. A decent thriller, and better than most the shite that is made these days.

Mandy S (kr) wrote: Not in a cold day in hell

Michael R (us) wrote: Revenge of the Fallen is an overlong sequel with a messy plot that makes less and less sense as the film goes on. It even manages to leave some of the more lovable characters of the first film in a more annoying light this second time around.