The Redwood Massacre

The Redwood Massacre

​‘THE REDWOOD MASSACRE’ is about five adventurous friends, visiting the legendary murder site of Redwood. It has all the hallmarks of being an exciting and thrilling camping weekend away. They soon discover they’re not the only people in the mysterious location. The fun camping expedition soon turns into a nightmare as they are sadistically stalked by a mysterious unseen killer.

People from many places always wait for the special day in order to check out the legendary massacre. Suddenly, a camper uncovers the terrible secret that a deadly murder is real, which makes everyone to be stuck in horrible circumstance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zeeshan S (us) wrote: Loved it! Nothing new, but just a fresher and younger take on some old tales. A bit over the top, but thats what I am :)

Steve B (kr) wrote: I liked it. If you're a car guy it's worth seeing

Paul D (fr) wrote: The gore and make-up are pretty good, but everything else is below average.

Jacquie R (kr) wrote: i thought i would enjoy this more than i actually did. i found that it dragged on too much, but my favorite bits were the short, candid interviews with the performers, moments with the people of africa, and james brown's performances (stellar, of course.)

jerry b (jp) wrote: Missed it in general release. Just saw it on mgm cable, with no commercials. Alright, I confess, I just watched most of it for the second time. It's not like I don't have better things to do. And it's certainly not a great movie. Though it has its charms. Chief of which is the very talented Ms. Pacquin. Though I'd seen her in other films, I hadn't seen anything of hers recently. Don't really know that many woman soldiers, but she struck me that she could be one. In a very real way. And real is what makes her performance compelling. For me she made a small, slightly quirky indie type movie much more than it would have been otherwise. Beyond her performance, I don't know why I liked this movie so much. But I definitely did. Perhaps it's because after the '04 election I went through my own consideration of moving to Canada. Not to make a statement. But just to move to good place that appears to be a little further along on the civilization index. I can see how Canadians would not find this movie very appealing. It put them in a not so favorable light--and mostly unfairly so. I've never been to Winipegg, but Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are world class cities. Although neither of the main characters gave Canada a real shot, going back to the US made sense for both of them: she because she was an apolitical person who just didn't want to go back to a stupid war, but who basically liked the US; he because he realized that the constructive response to a lost election is to pick oneself up and get back in the game. Overall nice light touch, with good characters.

Caleb C (nl) wrote: Loved this film. Great character piece

Alex V (fr) wrote: Madness. Insanity. Mild over-acting. Oddly grand? Anything with John C. Instantly loses stars.

Edward K (au) wrote: I'm an admirer of Hamsun's brilliance as a writer based on his novel Hunger which is still one of the most powerful stories that I have ever read. I'm also slightly familiar with the controversy surrounding his views during the Nazi occupation of Norway and Jan Troell's film Hamsun gave me a better appreciation for those events. The film moved too slowly for me but I believe that it did justice to representing complex and difficult personal choices within the context and uncertainty of WW II rather than as if it were an indictment of personal choices made during a battle of good vs. evil based on the luxury of today's retrospective. Nonetheless, I still hold Hamsun's literary works in high regard even though his character has been judged to be flawed. To those familiar with Max von Sydow's dynamic portrayals and incisive presence on the screen in Ingmar Bergman's films, his presentation of a brilliant but confused Knut Hamsun as an old man might seem diminished in regard to those talents but it was certainly appropriate to the character and the story of this film.

Kevin R (us) wrote: A man's statue is determined by his enemies, not his friends.The Deputy Mayor is a simple and honest man from Louisiana that has been in awe of the mayor of New York City since he first met him in Washington; and since then, he's looked out for his best interest. A police officer accidentally shoots a boy and there appears to be some sort of corruption that led to the shooting. Why was the cop there to begin with? A cop shooting a boy looks really bad for the city, so the Deputy Mayor does his best to uncover why the cop was there and if he was truly corrupt. He discovers something that may change his view of New York City politics."You're a mean prick, you know that?""Where I come from that's a compliment."Harold Becker, director of Mercury Rising, Sea of Love, Domestic Disturbance, Taps, Malice, Vision Quest, and The Onion Field, delivers City Hall. The storyline for this film is intricate, contains solid characters, is well written, and unfolds well. I loved the way New York was depicted and the interaction between characters. The acting was also very good and the cast includes John Cusack, Al Pacino, Bridget Fonda, Danny Aeillo, Martin Landau, and Lauren Velez."If a sparrow dies in Central Park, I feel responsible."City Hall was a movie that grabbed my attention on HBOGO and I had to see based on the fantastic cast. I can say the acting was marvelous, but the plot was not as captivating as I had hoped. I did think the film is executed well, but there wasn't many surprises or dramatic sequences. Overall, this is above average just due to the wonderful cast, not due to the storyline. I recommend giving it a viewing but I wouldn't add it to my DVD collection."I'm willing to be lucky; and if you're willing to be lucky, New York will give you a chance."Grade: B-

David M (fr) wrote: Great movie, but emotionally traumatic to watch. The emotional equivalent of Hostel.

Jason J (de) wrote: Tiger Cage 2 is another classic HK actioner from the 90's. The plot is simple, but action director Yuen Wo Ping doesn't stay focused on the plot for too long...he gives the people what they want to see and that's loads of gunfights, plenty of humour and fantastic fight choreography that hits dead centre! Donnie Yen plays a hot-headed ex-cop named Dragon Yau whose attitude has got him in trouble with his bosses and his wife. On a trip to the lawyers, he is witness to a robbery where a suitcase of money disappears and a lot of guys get shot. Somehow, he ends up with lawyer Mandy Chang (Rosamund Kwan) on the run from the cops who think they committed a murder and from the bad guys that think they have the money. Reluctantly they are forced to form an alliance with one of the bad guys, David (David Wu), who has been betrayed by the gang led by Waise Chow (Robin Shou).Donnie Yen shows us some of the solid, hard-hitting, high-kicking action that has made him famous over the years. The man truly does enjoy playing the hard-boiled tough guy who never runs from a fight and never backs down when trouble is near. Rosamund Kwan did a terrific job as Mandy Chan, the divorce lawyer who finds herself in an unpredictable situation and doesn't have a clue why people are trying to kill her and is plagued with guilt over the death of her best friend Petty. The situations with her and Donnie are just too funny for words as the two can't stand each other's behaviour but learn to come to an understanding when they realize they can't survive without each other. The fight scenes are amazing: plenty of raw kicking power, sword swinging action and gun-fights galore to keep you on the edge of your seat. The choreography for the scenes is spot on. Tiger Cage 2 is a fantastic movie and I recommend it to anyone who's into modern day actioners, Donnie Yen, Rosamund Kwan and the choreography of Yuen Wo Ping. Highly recommended.

Rania A (au) wrote: A funny feel good film.. However it may not appeal to many of those older than pre-teens as it can be seen as very silly.

Jonathan L (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all-time. Leaves you with a message worth learning for a lifetime.