The Rehearsal

The Rehearsal

An indictment of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974.

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Michael R (it) wrote: Jonestown Ripoff With Stupid Characters...

Scott W (de) wrote: not a great movie... did not finish....

John H (br) wrote: Brilliant film on an amazing talent with a train wreck of a life.

Jack S (us) wrote: A rather dull and uninvolving movie. Very disappointing, considering the subject.

Hayden B (es) wrote: I was so torn at the end of this movie. The entire production was great with amazing dark comedy based around the world ending. Steve Carrell and Kiera Knightley are great throughout the movie and really have engaging characters. However, towards the end **Spoilers** when they end up together, it really kills the vibe. I really enjoyed the idea of them just being friends and facing the end of the world together in the end. The love plot between the two was very off-putting and really knocks a star off of this rating.

Kris L (ag) wrote: This movie had some terrible acting, a bad story, and no redeeming qualities to speak of. At least I was able to guess the sole survivor of the group.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: This one surprised me at what were somewhat creepy moments. Although not very scary, I loved the story specialy when the actors tried to show despair in some points were convincing enough.

Griffin W (ca) wrote: Darkly funny at points and a fun take on religion. Dogma has great performances mixed with well done Kevin Smith humor that add up to a fun, entertaining, violent, and crass adventure along with a slightly insightful religious film. Dogma is "Great!"

Lisa S (au) wrote: Funny movie, I mean it's a predictable romantic comedy, but very enjoyable. I liked how the women turned it around towards the end, it really taught Harmon's character a lesson. Of course, there is a happy ending, not that it matters. Anyway, an overall enjoyable and funny movie with good actors.

Christian C (de) wrote: Goldie Hawn -- I remember when she was cute. Sadly, cute grimaces don't make up for talent.

Shane K (nl) wrote: OMG...FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Greg P (mx) wrote: This movie is hilarious. Townsend takes a subject like blacks being relegated to stereotypical acting roles in Hollywood and sheds light on it in a humorous way. He takes some of these stereotypes and exagerates them in a way that pokes fun at them and shows that they do not apply to the race as a whole. One of the things that I love about Townsend is that he does this in a way that doesn't put other races down in his attempt to show that his own race is better than the stereotypes they face. He does this in a non-preachy way that can turn some viewers off. This movie has a great cast full of very funny comedians and it is neat to watch it now after all these years and see how some of these actors have changed. My favorite is Damon Wayons (who I think is fantastic). He is so skinny in this movie.

Matthew Y (fr) wrote: Haunting and well acted, though lacking in definition and triumph, deflating to an ambiguous end, that whilst works, is unsatisfying

Will L (kr) wrote: 'Some Kind of Hate' is a surprisingly effective supernatural slasher that serves as a harsh indictment against bullying. One could argue that the characters aren't particularly well developed, but the palpable, raw emotions make up for this, in my humble opinion.

Mart A (es) wrote: Hahaha I really love this movie