The Relation of Face, Mind and Love

The Relation of Face, Mind and Love

Kang Tae-poong is a handsome and successful architect who constantly emphasizes the importance of substance over style in architecture, but has yet to apply this philosophy when it comes to love. Until one day, after a minor car accident, he suddenly suffers from a "temporary visual impairment" that makes beauties appear ugly and vice versa. When an inebriated and hot-tempered Wang So-jung passes out in front of Tae-poong's office building, he sees her as the beautiful resurrection of his dead fiancee and falls head over heels. Ugly duckling So-jung is completely baffled when Tae-poong keeps calling her his "goddess," but she soon makes him fall in love with her for her true charms, like how she is humble and unafraid to be goofy. Tae-poong's eye problem is fixed, however, by the time So-jung returns from a business trip a few days later, and when they meet again, he fails to recognize her.

Tae-pung cares about nothing but physical appearances of women. One day, because of an aftereffect from the traffic accident, he falls in love with beautiful So-jung who actually is not pretty at all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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alexandra c (nl) wrote: i really want to see it

Laurence C (ag) wrote: A brutal, devastating achievement. 10 1/2 bares the pieces of a social puzzle so impervious, so deep-rooted that even the ones who are most eager to give a helping hand are forced to admit that sometimes, there is nothing left to do but simply be aware and be there for a child in need. Few cinematic themes other than broken childhood have the power to give my lacrimal glands a run for their money, but miserabilism for miserabilism's sake this sure isn't. Grounded by a powerful, uncomprimising directorial hand and two flat-out exceptional performances, 10 1/2 is one of the harshest, most indelebile films of its year.

Mayank A (au) wrote: Really enjoyed the historical biopic based on Hypatia, a woman mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher in the 4th century Egypt. She is probably among the earliest recorded woman scientist and times she lived in were interesting. A time when Rome & its Imperial authority were on the decline, it was the time of the rise of Christianity & it's interesting to see the brutality which was employed by each of the religions against each other. The movie depends on intelligent & well researched story, beautiful visuals and great performances instead of sensationalizing action which is the norm with historical epic.

Jenn M (it) wrote: Not sure how I feel about this movie. it was creepy but a bit stupid at times

Manu G (au) wrote: A Beautiful Sad movie.

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Gabriel L (it) wrote: Nasty but no very scary.

Tom C (ag) wrote: great movie, great action scenes, i love the comedy as it felt fresh and not stale like the constantly repeated american comedy.

Cooper C (es) wrote: Terminator 3 really did not need to happen, especially since the movie is just a retread of T2 (which was also a retread of the T1). I would be offended, but only if the movie wasn't entertaining. I find it to be very enjoyable, even though its existence was just to milk more money. It's not great, but it comes very close to being great. It's more of a pointless, yet entertainingly good sequel.

Andrew L (au) wrote: Decent enough spy action thriller, that cuts down on plot twists in favour of set pieces. The only instalment of the trilogy really worth watching.

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