The Relic

The Relic

A researcher at Chicago's Natural History Museum returns from South America with some crates containing his findings. When the crates arrive at the museum without the owner there appears to be very little inside. However, police discover gruesome murders on the cargo ship that brought the crates to the US and then another murder in the museum itself.

The Relic follows a homicide detective and an anthropologist as they try to destroy a South American lizard-like god, who stalks the halls of a museum during a society fundraiser and goes on a people eating rampage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer K (us) wrote: this was a fascinating and an insightful documentary. it wonderfully examined the culture of hardcore film fans while still managing to be affecting and entertaining. not only this, but is a study of a friendship over son many years and how friendship affects us all. it took me a while to really get into it, but in the end I was just very fascinated with it all. anyone who is a film fanatic or want to make films, should definitely check this one out.

Ron C (ag) wrote: I saw this in Nashville. It was very well put together and informative, with some hummer mixed it. It is good to see such a well made movie showing the rights point of view on an issue.

Yuri B (ru) wrote: It was a pretty interesting film... that whole family was definitely "different" to say the least.

Rick R (de) wrote: Men in White (1934)This is a very good hospital melodrama based on Sidney Kingsley's Broadway play. It stars a pre-mustached Clark Gable as Dr. George Ferguson, an over-worked intern at a major city hospital. His dream is to graduate and work under the tutelage of Dr. Hochberg (Jean Hersholt) in Vienna, but he is also engaged to a rich socialite, Laura Hudson (Myrna Loy) who loves him but is tired of the many hours that George works at the hospital.There is a part in the movie where a Dr. Levine (played by a very young Otto Kruger) commiserates with George about the amount of time taken away from the ones you love for the sake of the medical profession. He is losing his wife due to a lung disease.Dr. Hochberg's work is his life, dedicating to saving lives, and advancing medicine. He sees that same dedication in Dr. Ferguson. He tries to explain this to Laura but she's spoiled and must have her time with George, preferring that he start his own practice. When George breaks yet another date she makes other plans.George wants to please Laura but he is a conscientious doctor. Lonely, he reaches out to a young nurse Barbara Denham (Elizabeth Allan) who shares his feelings about dealing with daily life and death situations. There is an indication that they became intimate.Later George must do an emergency surgery on Barbara with the implication that she poisoned herself. Some have said that it's an abortion, but it's only a day since the kissing scene. Laura is in the operating room and realizes what happened and has left George. Now George is considering marrying Barbara instead and maybe even abandoning the medical profession all together.

Gajanan G (ag) wrote: A good family bollywood superhero movie.

Manuel S (gb) wrote: All these beautiful women fighting in bikini is exciting to watch. The movie; not so good.

Kim B (mx) wrote: Such an interesting topic for a film, done really well and non-biased, kind of short though. The movie hooked me right from the beginning, I never really imagined that people were living in these tunnel shanties underground. Homeless people are cast off like a disease in society and not talked about except in disgust because it is a scary topic for most people. This movie breaks stereotypes that they are lazy and crazy. Actually, I thought the one guy was really smart who was the electrician, couple guys were hard-workers and they collected cans or hustled on the street, some were really funny, and a lot them just seemed kind of normal except they came from a rough background and/or were using drugs. This movie was incredibly depressing at parts with their stories and I felt like their guilt made them feel like they deserved this lifestyle. I usually don't watch special features, but for this film I was so moved by it that I wanted to find out more about the characters. It was weird to see how they had made it become normal for themselves to live like that and accepted that fate. The movie made me want to shower afterwards, seriously with all the nasty parts. I loved the style of the film in black and white and with the graffiti-awesome. It's a sad world when the richest country in the world can't even take care of some of it's people, nobody should be living like that.

Nat N (ru) wrote: I love this movie! The characters are superbly funny, playing on a rivalry between two sisters over a creepy has-been radio dj. Plus top marks to the art department for capturing the feel of a small country Australian town even the small little radio station was spot on. One of my all-time favourites.

John A (kr) wrote: Cult Classic Spy Comedy Which See's A Civillain Caught In A Plot When Brittish Intelligance Agent Jumpin Jack Flash Contacts Goldberg To Get Him Out Of Russia. Decent Writing And Classic Comedy Style Makes This An Enjoyable Film.

Kevin H (us) wrote: I think this film was shot in Glace Bay or near it. It's such a beautiful magical part of Canada

Wes S (es) wrote: Essentially a sci-fi remake of the Wolf-man, so of course it lacks in comparison and doesn't feel all too original. The monster make-up is more fake-looking, but still neat to look at. The characters are a bit underdeveloped, but they get through the story just fine.

Greg W (kr) wrote: Cagney rises above musical material, and even dances!

hopper k (fr) wrote: i gotta say, seagal kicked some serious ass.

Carrie M (ag) wrote: "Escape From Alcatraz" is a riveting, suspenseful film based on a true story about a man named Frank Morris and his accomplices possible escape from Alcatraz. The film began, continued, and ended keeping you up in the air. There wasn't a moment where my mind wandered or I felt relaxed. Alcatraz is said to be the most secure prison of it's time. Nicknamed "The Rock." This made the attempt to escape even more impressive because conditions were less than favorable. Though the task was seemingly impossible, a team of prisoners were motivated to try anyway. Frank spent most of his time in Alcatraz trying to find a way out. I loved feeling almost like I was apart of the plan. They filmed in a way that made the prisoners the protagonists, even though they were in a prison for a crime they committed, and the guards as antagonists. The intelligence of Frank and his buddies was particularly enthralling! There are multiple times when they attempt the seemingly impossible and somehow make it work leaving me marveling at the genius of it all The film did a good job of showing us the cruelty and truly disturbing things about prison, but without making us feel entirely too traumatized. At one point in the film, Frank got a knife pulled on him and got sent to "D-BLOCK" along with his predator, we saw how they were slowly changing from humans to animals in the guards eyes. "D-BLOCK" is a line of cells that have no light. In mates sit in a pitch black room on the cold floor and get hosed down by water occasionally, then left to soak in their misery literally. Very disturbing and heart wrenching, yes, but an excellent depiction of what the in-mates suffered through in Alcatraz. There were countless moments where I realized my whole body was tense and that I needed to relax. At one-point Frank had snuck out of his cell and a guard came back and right as the guard was reaching out to touch the dummy, somehow Frank was back in bed. The film was constantly playing eerie music which you would expect to be in a horror film. Usually the creepy music is a sign that a tense or nerve-racking scene is coming. The use of noises in this particular movie kept you suspended the entire time whether he was innocently eating his food in the cafeteria or sneaking around while a plaster dummy laid in bed in his place. I think that the director of this film did an excellent job of portraying this true story in a suspenseful way. All in all, a must see.

Leslie R (br) wrote: Not sure that him being gay added anything to the movie because this was more about his brilliant mind than anything. Slow like a British movie usually is but not boring at all. Interesting bits of history.

Chris G (ca) wrote: I just.....don't.....know.

Kelly P (nl) wrote: Bloody fantastic! If you were a child of the 80s or love 80s music, this film is a must see! All the synth-pop and big hair you can stand, combined with a fantastic story of a young lad who in order to impress a girl starts a band. The band in all its glory and the videos that he gets said girl to star in are lovely and melodic. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo sings the majority of the songs. Coupled with I have now listened to the soundtrack twice and immediately upon the end of the film - I was ready to watch it again. This one is a for sure winner! An epic homage to all the bands of the 1980s.**Re-watch March 2017**