The Remaker

The Remaker

While driving in a road, a reckless truck driver forces the car of the selfish exporter Tom to plunge off a bridge into a river. He is rescued by Pim, who jumps in the water to save him, and mysteriously get into a coma. Tom becomes aware that Pim and him are paying for what they had done wrong in their past lives, and Tom must save the lives of three women to redeem from his errors and save Pim.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:suspense,  

While driving in a road, a reckless truck driver forces the car of the selfish exporter Tom to plunge off a bridge into a river. He is rescued by Pim, who jumps in the water to save him, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miraal C (es) wrote: One of those rare good movies.... Relativity and audience connection makes it worth a life!

Russ B (ca) wrote: 1/2/2016: A decent movie. It was interesting to see how Frankie Valli made it big.

Agustn M (it) wrote: Me permito disentir... la pelicula es aceptable, a pesar de la actuacion Cecilia Suarez (poco creible). Quien esta excelente es Taire Scanda; unos cuantos minutos, pero de gran actuacion.

Adam S (au) wrote: In all honesty, this is complete and utter garbage. I expected better from the likes of Martin Freeman and Jimmy Carr, two performers that I enjoy very much. But instead, I got a horrible mockumentary (blergh) with less humour than some Adam Sandler movies. Extremely horrible to watch. I'd even prefer to watch an ACTUAL reality show about weddings. And that's saying something.

Nicolas B (us) wrote: It blends in the styles of Tarantino and Scorsese successfully and its pacing is perfect. A way underrated movie. Really entertaining.

Luigi (fr) wrote: Cecilia Roth! Arrhhhhhhhsss (sound of mouth watering)

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Avery W (mx) wrote: Robert Townsend is a genius. I can watch this movie over an over again an never get tired of it. Great movie an message.

Tim S (it) wrote: Police Academy 3: Back in Training is the third film in the Police Academy series. The previous film was a letdown for fans of the first film, but the third film manages to gain a better story than the last, but at the same time, going with even softer material than before. Like the last film, the main cast returns, including the breakout star Bobcat Goldthwait. The story now involves two police academies who are being judged by a committee as to which academy is more effective and the other being shut down. A lot of the slapstick gags are back, with occasionally funny quips, but overall, it's a better sequel than the previous one. This also seemed like a good place to stop with the franchise, but as we all know, they couldn't leave it alone and did more sequels after this one.

Jeremy P (ca) wrote: I've seen a lot of Ti Lung movies, and this might be his most badass role yet. He is a loner who insists on staying out of other people's business, yet is still honorable and has friends. If someone makes their trouble his business though, he's relentless. He's never had to thank anyone in his life, never owed anyone anything, so to see his response to a woman saving his life, well that was interesting hehe. Great movie with some quick surprise kills that would please any fan of the genre. A lot of really quick subtitles though, and I'm used to reading them.

Michael B (mx) wrote: This is Thunderbirds. The live action move should have followed this more closely. If there is a fault, its that the action does drag a bit at times.

Art S (au) wrote: An early (the earliest?) film in the French New Wave, Chabrol's Le Beau Serge has location shooting going for it (in Chabrol's own country-town birthplace) as well as a looser feel to the camerawork. This doesn't mean that this tale of a young man returning to his hometown after an absence of 12 years doesn't have some beautiful shots -- there are many. But in the end, the focus on Serge ("handsome" Serge), a rather ugly character, though complex, becomes a bit tiresome. The returning fellow is perhaps too weak, too ambivalent about self-sacrifice, that ultimately our identification with him wanes. Chabrol's next feature, Les Cousins, using the same actors, trumps this one (although I must admit the early scenes of "returning home" did resonate).

Sara S (ag) wrote: a crass blass from the pass.

Amy D (ca) wrote: It is the best film yet, it has funny moments sad moments, so basically it is mixed emotions but omg I actually can't explain it my friend doesn't really like Justin but once she seen the movie it changed her thought on him because he is actually being himself just watch amazing to be honest"?"?"?~?~?

Jason B (de) wrote: This is your classic love story with some comedy thrown in a must see for any Kevin hart fan!!!!

Charlie Q (nl) wrote: Bitchin' skateboard movie from the 80's.