The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous

During a long train ride heading north of Japan, a young man addresses an older woman in front of him. At first she doesn't respond, but he finally gets her into a conversation when he offers her lunch. Thus begins Saito Koichi's famous romantic thriller, "The Rendezvous". The woman turns out to be a murderer on parole, whist the man a runaway accused of assault and robbery. As it happens, the two soon fall in love. The woman asks the man to wait two years until she is released from jail. And he agrees...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Rendezvous torrent reviews

John B (jp) wrote: such a lovely feel good movie

Andrew B (nl) wrote: A beautifully-done movie: I love the acting & cinematography, in particular. It's a good story, though I was a bit put off by the rather sudden ending; I'd have wished it to have gone on another hour -- regardless of whether the ending would have ultimately been for better or worse. It just felt like this story had been built up and came to a climax... but without that dwelltime afterward. But that's just my take; others seeing it could very well appreciate the ending & see it as a perfect finish.

Mister M (it) wrote: The price you pay sometimes for watching Sundance Channel.

Crystal W (fr) wrote: Not what I expected, but worth watching for the twists.

Harpreet S (es) wrote: There are few glimpses of greatness in Federico Fellini's "And the Ship Sails On." The film is about the funeral of a dead opera singer, whose friends have gathered on a ship to mourn her. The dead opera singer is said to be "the greatest singer of all time." The opening sequence looks very much from a silent film, is shot in sepia tones, and reminded me of the opening scene in Andrei Tarkovsky's "Stalker." In maybe the last two sequences of the film there is a reverse tracking shot, where Fellini shows the behind-the-scenes of his opera film. This technique also used by Abbas Kiarostami in "Taste of Cherry." Besides those two sequences, I would say this is the frailest Fellini film I've seen. All his other films I've seen are remarkable, with "8 1/2" and "La Dolce Vita" being above and beyond. Plenty of characters in this one, but I did not really understand the intentions. Most of the film is lackadaisical, the opening sequence potentially gives the hope that this might be another wonderful film by the master filmmaker, but it loses its way by the end of the first half. Fellini is more focused on the visuals and singing sides of things than developing its characters and the story. Yes, "Fellini Roma" was also a visual showcase, a stupendous one, however "And the Ship Sails On" is not even that. I can't say I did not expect this since I am familiar with his filmography. The ship has almost sunk!

Michael T (ru) wrote: When the Slasher sub-genre of Horror was popular in the early 1980s, there were literally hundreds of cheaply made movies like this. This one features some innovative but dated gore FX; a suitably likeable "Final Girl" heroine played by Laurie Lapinski; a suitable number of red-herring suspects; a genuine surprising sting-in-the-tail identity of the killer; and useless authority figures in the guise of the local police. Nothing too special, nothing I had never seen before, but it was pretty enjoyable nonetheless. The lesson is, don't volunteer to clean up a dormitory the university wants to close over the Christmas break.

Jose Luis M (it) wrote: Agradable comedia sin muchas pretenciones que logra entretener.

James H (kr) wrote: Well produced and certainly a better than average musical, curiously not in color though. The cast is terrific, including the supporting players. Some very good musical numbers. I could never tire of hearing Judy Garland sing, she has such an amazing voice.

Janis Z (ca) wrote: Sophisticated romantic comedy which in some way opens your mind and takes you to another place in the same time..

Paul O (jp) wrote: Classic tale of revenge and grief, filled with flying kickassery.

Erik D (br) wrote: This is another one of those films that I talk about that most of you will never watch. Maggie Smith plays an incredibly interesting character who lives in a van on Alan Bennett's property and stays there for fifteen long years. What I really like about this film is that there is no real protagonist or antagonist and Maggie Smith's character doesn't have all that many redeeming qualities, yet for whatever reason she still makes you care deeply about her character and her relationship with the writer of this story, Alan Bennett. This won't be for everyone as I know quite a few of you will likely feel bored as this slower sort of film is clearly meant for an older audience, but if you feel up to the challenge then by all means give this film a chance.