The Rescuers Down Under

The Rescuers Down Under

A lawless poacher wants to capture a majestic and rare golden eagle, so he kidnaps the boy who knows where to find the bird. Not to worry -- the Rescue Aid Society's top agents, heroic mice Miss Bianca and Bernard, fly to Australia to save the day. Accompanying the fearless duo are bumbling albatross Wilbur and local field operative Jake the Kangaroo Rat.

Cody (Adam Ryen), a boy living in the Australian outback, frees a rare golden eagle from a trap. However, Cody is soon abducted by the murderous poacher who is after that bird. The R.A.S. agents, Miss Bianca and Bernard, must race to Australia to save the boy and the endangered eagle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Rescuers Down Under torrent reviews

Fase H (mx) wrote: The most bittersweet movie I've seen in ages.

Tracy F (it) wrote: And the best part is the end when he loses.

Satvabodh D (fr) wrote: Awful, absolutely no comments !!

Bailey T (nl) wrote: I just want to see it because George lopez Is in it. lol

Scott L (ag) wrote: I've never met a selkie movie I didn't like. This one has the added extras of being directed by Neil Jordan and having a soundtrack with Sigur Ros on it.

Greg W (mx) wrote: good but slow gr8 concept and title flimsy execution

Mauricio V (br) wrote: Muy pobre. No vale la pena. Ni siquiera para un domingo en la tarde.

Matthew S (jp) wrote: Johnny To's attempt at social commentary on the state of media in Hong Kong works best when it just focuses on the action. Some of the better set pieces of recent memory including a "one take" shootout to get things rolling. When it slows down to "say something" is when it lost me

Lauren G (us) wrote: Good... but I have a feeling the book is much better.

Edgar R (us) wrote: great music great jokes great theme about love and marriage. better than the original and funnier.

EmilyJane H (es) wrote: realy want to see this it sounds so cool

Tyler M (ru) wrote: Is anybody there? Not exactly what I was expecting it to be but still it was pretty good. The Story: A young girl finds she can visit a world that she's drawn out on paper. Trying to make the her fantasy world a nice place to visit, she starts adding things, but finds herself making mistakes, creating a friend that can't walk, a house with no interior, and a faceless father with a violent temper. She can't decide weather or not she wants to live in her made up world, or in the real world with her critical mother, and her absent father...It's got a great art style, and the world that's been created is simplisticly beautiful. When I sat down, I was thinking I was going to see a great, fast paced film, full of heart pounding suspense and genuine scares, but this is not that film. It takes a while to get to the really exciting stuff, and the really exciting stuff only lasts for about 15 or 20 minutes (give or take). Also, some of the characters seem really underdeveloped, you hear about her father, but you rarely see him, and you only get a small glimpse into his history and story (did I miss something? Why is he always gone? What does he do? How long has he been gone? Where is he?). He only seems to be of importance in her fantasy world...One other thing worth mentioning here, is the score, musically this film is superb. The use of electric guitar is surprisingly fitting here. The music only adds to the already brilliantly moody atmosphere. The Cast: Charlotte Burke, Elliott Spiers...Charlotte Burke plays the part of Anna, the little girl with the endless imagination. She's responsible for the world that she's created. Responsible for all the good things, and responsible for all the bad things. She brings the story to life with great, believable acting. Elliott Spiers, plays Marc, Annas friend in her fantasy world. He can't walk or really get around on his own, so he's constantly left in the dark on his own. He's a character that you'll feel a solid connection with, due to the fact that the actor is really good. These two bring their characters to life, and pull you into the world of Paperhouse, and once you're in, you won't want out. One to Five Scale: 4 It takes a little while to get to anything really suspensefull, and the suspense only lasts for a little while, but the overall feel of the film, and interesting characters, make it worth your attention. Go out and find a copy of this now, because if you don't you'll be forced to wander around wondering what else this life has to offer. Tyler

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: 78% "That dog is sick!"-Roland Grale (Jameson Parker) The film is dated but the subject matter is not, it's still alive today and forever will be. While wacthing this movie the idea of nazis kept creeping through my mind (German sheperd, a gas chamber, blacks savagely killed, training compound).

Eric H (us) wrote: The enjoyment of this film is slightly detracted from in a couple of scenes, as the cropping of the edges of the film mean that facial expressions of the leading characters are missed. This does not detract from the fact that Zanjeer is pure, carefully crafted art and that this seminal film is essential viewing for anyone with an interest in Indian cinema.

Pavan R (ag) wrote: An impressive movie all round, a good story supported by very god acting. The topic would've been very controversial at the time it was released and probably still is and hence it makes it even more powerful.

Brian H (de) wrote: The magic is, like, dead.