The Rest is Silence

The Rest is Silence

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:114 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Romanian,French,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   greed,   drunkenness,  

In 1911-12, the Romanian movie director Grigore Brezianu and the financial tycoon Leon Popescu made together the 2 hours long movie "Romania's Independence" - an as faithful as possible ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John D (es) wrote: True story of Rachel Scott Who was murdered at Columbine high school. Sounds depressing but is very uplifting.

Sherri C (es) wrote: Not a continuation of the original 8mm, but explores another facet of the 'seedy underground'. Although there was more than enough sex scenes and nudity to make it seem like porn, it wasn't tacky or gratuitous. The moral of this story is : You can only have sexcapades with strangers if you don't come from a rich and/or powerful family ;-)

LUCA Z (de) wrote: The movie sucks, but since Lamas is my fav hero I couldn't miss it.

Leong C (de) wrote: Hilarious flick, Hanks' kid and Jack Black executed it perfectly, despite the mediocre review...

Kim M (es) wrote: The title of the movie pretty much says it's a satirical offbeat comedy that uses many quotes and scenes from well known movies and will appeal to any movie/ trivia buff. It's not a perfect comedy by any means but the Irish setting, the writing of Roddy Doyle and the astute casting of Flora Montgomery and Peter McDonald make it worth a look.

Jenny H (nl) wrote: Great movie, chilling adaptation of a classic fairytale. Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neil are brilliant. She was always good at playing characters with attitude (the memorable "excuse me" from Holes), and she is downright scary in this.This movie definitely makes the evil stepmother character more believable; it tells her story. It also feels more real because the main character isn't forever being called 'Snow', and Cohn's version of the dwarves are much more relatable, and the characters are all done really well.

Scott J (ru) wrote: One of my top 10 movies ever. You have to be a fan of "Dumb Humor" though. I am.

Tom D (it) wrote: The best romcom ever! I love this movie so much that I can't even put my feelings into words. Sandy is of course fabulous here. One of her best movies, IMO.

Tim S (ca) wrote: Jean-Pierre Melville's masterpiece Le Cercle Rouge (The Red Circle) is a police procedural meets heist film that seems to be almost a playbook for all films like it that came afterwards. Whether it was a consious effort on other filmmaker's parts or developed along the lines by serendipity, the caper film was forever-influenced by the likes of people like Brian De Palma. To boot, there are masterful performances from both Alain Delon and Gian Maria, two men whose characters are brought together by circumstance but develop an unspoken friendship throughout the film that pays off beautifully in the end. Although the overall pace at times is a little lax, the film itself, in style, performance and execution, is a terrific piece of cinema.

Bob W (fr) wrote: Great cast. Eerily, the movie was only out of theatres a short time before the very real Apollo 13 situation took place. The idea of taking off in a hurricane's eye is quite ridiculous, as Buzz Aldrin explained on TCM, but the film takes pains to be technically realistic everywhere it can. Slow moving and not very exciting even in the climax.

Kenneth L (au) wrote: We have this carefully molded image of the 1950s in America, but sometimes the '50s themselves manage to surprise you. This movie presents the usual middle-class suburban vision of the decade, but then undermines it ruthlessly. It's a beautifully made and deeply strange film by the director of Rebel Without a Cause, and deserves more attention than it's received over the years.The film's narrative is actually surprisingly similar to that of Breaking Bad, except with cortisone-overdose-induced psychosis instead of meth-dealing. James Mason plays Ed, a teacher secretly working a second job to help his family prop up their magazine-perfect middle-class keeping-up-with-the-Joneses lifestyle. One day he collapses from a vague medical problem, and the doctors prescribe cortisone, which makes him ebulliently confident at first but gradually drives him into insanity.This movie is seriously dark, especially given our usual expectations of 1950s suburbia. I don't want to spoil anything, but the movie goes to some really disturbing places. It's arguably a bit excessive, but the film is so well-directed by Nicholas Ray that I think it's all working just as it was meant to. James Mason is a bit of a strange choice to play an American everyman, given how thoroughly British he is, but he still gives a very good performance here. Barbara Rush has some good if awkward scenes as his distressed wife, and it's interesting to see a very young Walter Matthau play a serious role before he had come to be identified as a comedy actor.Somehow, I really haven't watched that many 1950s Hollywood melodramas, but this one convinces me I need to watch more. It's as carefully directed and produced as many an art film, while maintaining a veneer of mainstream sensibility and subject matter. I had never heard of this movie before, but that omission now seems to me to be a great oversight.

Aj V (it) wrote: The Bulldog Drummond movies don't get worse, they're just all exactly the same.

Steven P (ru) wrote: Good remake. Bale and Crowe shine

Kevin L (nl) wrote: En un pueblo minero de Gales viven los Morgan, todos ellos mineros y orgullosos de serlo y tambin de respetar las tradiciones y la unidad familiar. Sin embargo, la bajada de los salarios provocar un enfrentamiento entre el padre y los hijos; porque mientras stos estn convencidos de que la unin sindical de todos los trabajadores es la nica solucin para hacer frente a los patronos, el cabeza de familia, en cambio, no quiere ni siquiera or hablar de sindicatos ni de socialismo.

Corey G (us) wrote: Seriously, the best movie ever made. Ever. At a time when suspense was built gradually and atmospherically, nothing could match Jaws. I still watch this a couple times a month....