The Rest of the Night

The Rest of the Night

A wealthy community in north-east Italy deals with its immigration fears.

A wealthy community in the Northeast Italy deals with its immigration fears. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe A (kr) wrote: Repetitive and boring. The best part about the film is that it actually interviewed credible game artist, but the story is totally unfocused, the graphic looks like it was made by an intern, and it was more nostalgia than historical.

WALKING DEAD F (es) wrote: This movie has to be one of the most ridiculous movies along with all of the other natural disaster movies..... I really wish they would stop making these movies such a waste of money and time.........

David B (mx) wrote: A good film that takes the talent of Simon Pegg and mixes him with David Schwimmer...(if I spelt his name right)... some good little twist and some good perfect timing from a good cast but goes over bored near the end with odd twist To be honest it's Tense, cruel and hilariously absurd all at once, it may, as its title suggests, not add up to so very much, but it is a deliciously entertaining journey into the night which, at under 90 minutes, never overstays its welcome. Not bad to watch.

Kylie M (ag) wrote: Funny, yet very disturbing at moments. A great film about relationships.

bill s (fr) wrote: Sweet and funny comedy that really is moved that way by a fine performance by Fraser though the script could have been better.

Channin G (nl) wrote: Love it love it love of my favorite movies THAT'S WHY I SPENT THOSE FUNNY LOOKING NICKELS just love it

Leonard D (gb) wrote: A terrible film that looks like it can't make up it's mind about whether or not it's in the same universe as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I still love watching Rob Schneider with his bandana getting tightened though! A guilty pleasure!

Edgar C (it) wrote: lex de la Iglesia's first film obviously sucks big time, but I owe respect to him because he was the first Spanish director that dared to challenge the national regime in Spain that was present for a long time, and on top of that, Almodvar decided to produce it, considering the very low budget lex de la Iglesia had since the beginning. This crappy film is a spoof of several genres, such as science fiction, horror and thriller. The special effects are laughable, the acting sucks for the good, and the story is dumb as hell. lex de la Iglesia really established his unique and crazy style here. Say hi to a new cult filmmaker.66/100

Tyson P (au) wrote: shit yeah this is comedy. Great horror comedy thats almost from the eighties. So funny....A bunch of hookers blow up after smoking a bunch of crack, enough said.

Jason D (es) wrote: Death Ship is an interesting and chilling film about a Cruise Ship being rammed by an unseen force, causing a handful of survivors to be stranded out at sea (including the awesome Richard Crenna, the Black Christmas prowler himself Nick Mancuso, and George Kennedy). Soon, the survivors come across an abandoned ship which they soon realize is an old Nazi warship used to torture people. Thusly, the ship is haunted and needs human blood to run efficiently. It takes over the mind of George Kennedy who goes ape shit and starts taking out the survivors one-by-one. Pretty chilling film that is slow at times, but overall, a fun watch.

Guillaume H (ag) wrote: Image and colors are crisp, bright and clear but the rythm is plodding and the dialogues are very chatty with nothing much to say. Its stylish but empty,and in terms of sexism, as disgusting as hollywood in the early 60's vould get, and it doesnt help that Raquel Welch looks mostly bored or out of it. It also has some religious tendencies i find extremley out of place in the context. All the science is trying so hard to be sophisticated and does it with such pomposity its almost cute like a 4 years old playing make believe. Do you think the basic idea is ludicrous? Well, it looks exactly as silly as it sounds, but its worth it for the 60's trippy visual. Im willing to judge from a 1966 perspective and call it impressive (but underdevelopped).

Chris D (au) wrote: If you're looking for a quality movie, then move along. If you're looking for a guilty-pleasure-cheesy-disaster flick, then you've found your movie. I recommend it if you're a fan of the genre.

Marta R (kr) wrote: Cute... entertaining.

Richard I (au) wrote: A new-fashioned whodunnit which takes an unromantic view of the small town escapee, played with astonishing skill by MacFadyen.

Guilherme J (mx) wrote: Interessante drama criminal que se concentra mais na interao entre os personagens do que no desenvolvimento da trama, se saindo vitorioso no processo principalmente graas s excelentes performances de Ben Kingsley, Ray Winstone e Ian McShane.

Eytan D (mx) wrote: One of Curtis Hanson's earlier movies, "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" puts the woman scorned into the shoes of a nanny from hell who, with a hidden agenda, ruins the life of a very happy family. Maybe the ending is a little predictable, but it's forgiven thanks to a terrific build-up and a deliciously scary performance from Rebecca De Mornay. Watch this movie, and you'll think twice before letting a nanny touch your child.