The Restless Sex

The Restless Sex

A love triangle drama, based on a novel by Robert W. Chambers, who is better-known for weird fiction (which is not noticeable in this story.)

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Carlos Z (au) wrote: Good love story, but the ending is anticlimactic

Richard M (nl) wrote: A very moving documentary about two very committed and powerful working class people. As a person who didn't grow up here it is hard to conceive of the depth of the racist ideology, the concept of white supremacy that emerged with such vengeance after Reconstruction, or during and after it. In the official version, this ideology is shown to have its origins in some sort of innate behavior on the part of the white skinned European, a genetic defect almost. But it goes against human nature this ideology, it is maintained through violence and coercion; it is unnatural. At the root of it is the need of its proponents to maintain power and social control of those who have none. These two quiet soft spoken yet courageous individuals I found very moving. I would love to have met them. It is not working within the law that changes society for the better but breaking it. Laws are made by those in power, they are made to be broken. But the lawyers, whose efforts to change the miscegenation laws that still existed in16 states at the time, can be proud that their efforts were successful.

Danya S (it) wrote: This is a completely forgettable movie with a weak plot and a C list cast.

Davide L (au) wrote: Degno sequel del primo

Gianmario S (mx) wrote: If you like intelligent Sci-Fi movies (like the ones rather common in the '70s), you will appreciate this movie. The viewer is presented with a scientific puzzle from the beginning. This puzzle at first gets more involved and even confusing, but also traps the attention of the careful observer, until a certain moment when some details, some facets become clear, the outline of the universe in which the main character was plunged begins to take a shape. Still, the enigma is rather thick, and old questions are replaced by new ones, up until about the last 1/5th of this intriguing tale, when the main character (and the viewer alike) understand the whats and whys, the moral implications and their personal repercussions. The movie is so captivating, that this viewer completely forgot that it was filmed in B&W. It's recommended for those that like smart (and hard) Sci-Fi. In all honesty, I would have rated the movie a 95% fresh, but that is not possible. I took into consideration the dire landscape of today's Sci-Fi movie production, and against that backdrop, this movie shines very brightly, and nudged me to give the 100% fresh.

Zachary N (au) wrote: An old man's mastery of life is tested beautifully in this masterpiece of a character portrait embodying spirit and warmth - and it's supremely honest. I didn't think Lynch could pull it off, but this is truly one of his best.Flaws aside, this story is complete.

Keegan T (it) wrote: very entertaining. love scandel was eh though.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: although i only saw two segments -- vega's and innaritu's -- i was not impressed. in fact, i felt manipulated.

Private U (de) wrote: Me gustaron las interpretaciones de casi todos los actores. Una pelcula muy divertida Y con un toque de realidad espaola exagerada.

Private U (kr) wrote: cinque terre yi kesfettigim nefis bir festival filmi

Anne R (ru) wrote: above average action film

Stephanie M (ca) wrote: A very odd movie. The first act plays like a nice sentimental Christmas movie. The second act is a weird ghost story and the third act was a bizarre morality tale about the dangers of fame. All in all a very disjointed movie.

Thomas R (ag) wrote: Not sure what people are talking about. The movie is pretty good, but not amazing. The acting was great. Pacing was satisfactory. The story was pretty good. It was a solid B movie.

Gareth D (fr) wrote: A great look at urban Glasgow and scotch, even if it is a bit hard to understand them at times - gritty, humorous and good for whiskey geeks. A must watch!