The Return of James Battle

The Return of James Battle

James Bataille is in love. He attempts to stage an elaborate motorcycle stunt to impress the girl, but when it goes sour, he ends up in prison with a 133-year sentence. Bataille escapes from behind bars to make an appointment to fix the car of music biz tycoon, as well as watch the love of his life take part in the town's annual talent show.

James Bataille escapes from prison to find his fiancée Concia. But on his return, octopussy like aliens come to play bloody spoilsport. After lucky battle James and Concia escape to parallel world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Remote G (br) wrote: by Oliver Downes for remotegoat on 20/06/08 'Somers Town' is director Shane Meadows wonderfully likable follow-up to his award-winning 'This Is England' (which received the BAFTA for Best British Film in 2006), again demonstrating his unerring instinct for creating affecting human cinema with unadorned simplicity. Escaping from a bleak life in the midlands, Tomo (Thomas Turgoose) jumps on a train one day for the bustling promise of London. After being beaten up and robbed on his first night in the grimy streets around Kings Cross, he meets solitary teenager Marek (Piotr Jagiello), a Polish immigrant who passes the hours while his father Marius (Ireneusz Czop) is at work on the construction site at St Pancras Station taking photographs around Somers Town. Initially wary of each other, they become united in their adolescent lust for beautiful French waitress Maria (Elisa Lasewski), while forming various schemes for making a few pounds. The two young leads both deliver strong performances, Turgoose (who also starred in This Is England) in great form as the peaky and resourceful Tomo while Jagiello lends an unobtrusive sweetness to the more quietly opinionated Marek. Shot almost entirely in black and white, Meadows uses simple compositions of the urban cityscape, bare shadings contrasting with the warm-hearted bond between the two boys. In the vein of elder UK directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach, Meadows subtly evokes the harsh economic and social reality of contemporary London, without allowing any possible sense of hopelessness to neutralise the film's gentle good humour. This is an unpretentious gem.

Robert J (au) wrote: the belly of the beast, the beast is Seagal.

nathan e (ru) wrote: excellent movie it really thought provoking .bale again shows that he is a great actor .underrated at this time .john hurt is amazing ,and benzali is pure evil in this tale

Tuna M (kr) wrote: "sunset park what time is it? its time to get alve, its time to represent!" Best B-Ball movie out.

Sgt C (ca) wrote: (58%)A bright and breezy horror comedy that is largely, and rather sadly, almost entirely forgotten about. This is a more ambitious movie than most 80's gore flicks, and the opening with funny little aliens basting a pod onto 1950's America is handled really well as it has a sense that almost anything could happen. The movie settles down after that and becomes a largely typical college set teen movie, but the characters a likeable, and there still is plenty more fun to be had. The zombie frozen in a tube is similar to the one in "Return of the living dead", only here is makes little sense why a college would have a man frozen on campus for 27 years, but once the slug monsters start leaping into peoples (as well as cats and dogs) mouths and all hell breaks loose it really doesn't matter. So it may make little logical sense, but it's well worth tracking down, especially for zombie comedy fans.

Jack W (nl) wrote: for 1959 this had to be a sick movie. still watching it today the design of the film was great and Peck is always awesome. moments got a little preachy but what war film doesn't?

Michael G (nl) wrote: Hmmm. I don't know about this one. The Phenix City Story in itself was pretty decent. Said to have been based on a true story of citizens fighting against a tradition of vice and corruption, The Phenix City Story tells its story effectively and at some points gruesomely (you see kids getting killed in this movie--almost comically but still.) More of a crime documentary than the obscure film noir classic its made out to be, this isn't a bad movie. Some scenes are very well done even if elements of the story aren't fleshed out so well. The biggest problem I had with The Phenix City story was the opening 15 minutes of man-on-the-street interview footage with the actual people who lived through the story. I understand the desire to make the movie more authentic or real, but the hokey and heavy-handed interviews were a bit much. Overall, not bad...

Kyle M (gb) wrote: I'm one of the viewers who haven't seen the original, so I find this updated remake good with some tenses and strong acting. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Liam M (de) wrote: A ho-hum schlock fest with zero faith in its lore. Truth be told, there is an interesting horror film here, buried deep, deep beneath banal, by the numbers jump scares. This is the very definition of wasted potential, a novel setting left to rot in old cliche. In a new wave of genre redefining horror, 'The Other Side of the Door' feels very 2005...a relic from a bygone era that ought to have stayed lost.