The Return of Peter Grimm

The Return of Peter Grimm

After Peter Grimm (Lionel Barrymore) dies, his spirit returns to help clean up the messy lives of those he left behind. Director George Nicholls Jr.'s 1935 drama also stars Helen Mack, Edward Ellis, Allen Vincent, James Bush, George Breakston, Donald Meek, Ethel Griffies and Lucien Littlefield.

The ghost of a recently deceased family patriarch tries to help his surviving relatives, in part by preventing a marriage that he knows will go wrong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Return of Peter Grimm torrent reviews

Meghan M (au) wrote: THE saddest movie I have ever seen in my life. My heart is aching.

Katie B (de) wrote: This documentary was long. That said, I loved it. I find Walt Disney and his personal/commercial life so fascinating and this film touches so many aspects. I really cherised what it taught me

Jeff M (ru) wrote: This is a strange one. Enjoyable on some fronts but not on others. I liked William Fitchner who seemed the most tuned in.

Junel A (gb) wrote: One of SRK's action movie!

Dan M (us) wrote: I was sort of hoping this would be more about the robbery as opposed to how it got to that point. The Vietnam War part of the movie didn't really do anything for me, but what happened after was where it got a lot more interesting. Good acting and a GREAT soundtrack, pretty decent film overall.

Rhett W (nl) wrote: 4.25. Not higher only because it's not my type of movie. It's been said that it's one of the best teen movies ever. Those critics aren't wrong.

Matthew P (jp) wrote: The talented cast and Jennifer Westfeldt's sharp script help keep this movie out of sitcom territory.

John D (jp) wrote: Great animation. what do you expect from Disney-Pixar? Effective story-telling (although too anti-western civilization in its overtones).