The Return of Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls

The Return of Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls

Set in the arid barren, languid and punishing realm of the desert. Surgeon Scofflaw now reigns as the desert Dom. Equipped with her new errand boy on her arm, together they search for resources and new playthings in the desert. Taken by surprise whilewashing her dusty garments alone, Arcana is discovered by Billy and Surgeon who kidnap her back to their post apocalyptic squat. During this whirlwind a luscious and alluring intruder is discovered, Sophia St. James. Watch the cyclical and ever shifting sensual power play unfold between these four post apocalyptic desert women.

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Lyman D D (au) wrote: Full of warmth, pathos, meaning of life and beyond. beautifully directed and photographed.

Gary M (au) wrote: Not a bad movie. found it to be pretty good in the story plot.

Catherine C (ru) wrote: I don't really this kind of movie. It makes me feel suffocated.

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Bethny B (de) wrote: Very good! A little odd. However, I'm sure there were people like that after 9/11.

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Melissa M (nl) wrote: Good documentary, quite interesting, though I didn't agree with all of Bonhoeffer's theology.

Kine B (gb) wrote: Excellent!!! Just as zany as the books are!

Evan K (es) wrote: Unfortunately, I've just been completely whelmed by all the Harry Potter movies so far, this included. It's good, but doesn't really move up into a stratsophere above that. The book is long and this movie is decently long, but they cut so much and condensed everything so heavily that even at this length the movie felt too compact and rushed to make a lot of what made the story good breathe.

Carlo R (ru) wrote: Ya era como la quinta vez que vea el principio de la pelcula, pero por fin me decid a terminar de verla.El inicio es: una atrapante y peculiar msica, una hermosa fotografa, y algo de incertidumbre, inseguridad y duda por parte del personaje principal; una frmula que se repetir a lo largo de toda la cinta.Con el paso del tiempo, podemos observar y conocer los problemas en la adolescencia de la mayora de los muchachos, como la inquietud, el amor, la rebelda, etc. Toda la historia es un retrato de la vida de Yuichi y sus compaeros donde muchas de las veces las situaciones se tornan en su contra.En general, la pelcula es algo larga, y en momentos llega a ser tediosa y repetitiva. Con una trama no muy convincente y un ritmo y direccin poco definidos. An as, el buen trabajo fotogrfico siempre la rescata y la hace ms disfrutable, adems de que refleja bastante bien los dificultades y condiciones de muchos de los jvenes de esta edad.Tal vez si la hubiera visto cuando tena 15 aos, me hubiera marcado ms. Digo, no es que sea una mala pelcula, pero All About Lily Chou-Chou podra llegar a decepcionarte de cierta manera. Interesante, pero no lo suficiente.

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Graeme E (gb) wrote: Classic Sci Fi movie

William W (au) wrote: Surprisingly good B-movie with something for everyone: Sultriness, horror, sci-fi, suspense. Well-scripted by future cult director Nicholas Meyer. Well worth finding and throwing on. AKA 'Graveyard Tramps'.

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