The Return of Superfly

The Return of Superfly

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This is a sequel to the movie, Superfly. In it Nathan Purdee is now playing the role of Priest who was played by Ron O'Neal in the previous movie. In it Eddie, Priest's old partner, was ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Return of Superfly torrent reviews

Diggity H (br) wrote: Really intrigued me. Found it extremely fascinating. I recommend it to anyone who cares about my recommendations.

Amanda H (mx) wrote: I sat through this because I've always been a fan of Jesse Bradford, but this is easily the worst movie of his career. There's not a single thing to like about it. There is no point, every character is a scumbag, and it's not even funny in a juvenile way. I ended up reading a book and leaving it on for background noise.

Che I (gb) wrote: This movie had a C.G.I problem a little bit, but its very interesting, its had an adventure and good fighting.

Curtis D (au) wrote: A great documentary about one of Hollywoods' best and worst (mainly worse in my opinion) director of all time

Dimitris L (jp) wrote: This one starts really good and has awesome cinematography and really good actors. Still in the end, it doesn't completely deliver on the premise.One of the main problems being, that it too foreseeable, but still tries to build upon a twist, that you can see coming a long way, before it actually gets revealed in the movie. The hints are there of course and it is pretty nicely done. Maybe if this is your very first thriller, you might be a bit more excited. But all in all, you can watch this, just be patient with the movie and enjoy it's setting and the "view".

Kasey D (gb) wrote: one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen.

Sudhir S (it) wrote: different from the usual. good watch

Remi L (mx) wrote: Maybe there was a cultural divide between myself and the director, but I just didn't get this film. I'll be honest, I only watched it because Sung Kang was in it, but this movie just didn't click with me. The whole time I was watching it, I was thinking I missed my accompanying guide that I was supposed to read beforehand in order to understand what was going on.

Christina A (br) wrote: That was pretty freakin good! :D

Cory T (fr) wrote: What should be a seedy, lurid sleeper is sabotaged by two fatal flaws: a folksy drum-roll-and-harmonica score that makes it sounds like an upbeat sitcom and the overlying murder plotline is incidentally jettisoned to the sidelines for a downy, mawkish romance between Quid and Hitch. This cult classic is truly a monumental disappointment for director Frankin who surpassed Hitchcock with his magnificently heart-pumping and clever 'Psycho II'. In a vain effort to awaken the audience from their slumber, Franklin employs the creatively bankrupt use of loud jump scares with the whooshing sounds of traffic careening by. It is a very transparent ploy that Quid, who is ranting and raving about the killer's motivation and methodology to every passenger, is considered a suspect. Keach is adequate as Quid who is voyeuristic to a fault and his rapport with his dog is amusing in short spurts but Quid is too unhinged and frank to really engage our empathy. in one of his many idiotic decisions, Quid filibusters to complete strangers about strewing body parts throughout the desert wasteland. 'Road Games' is a weightless, derivative Hitchcock knockoff that doesn't generate spiky suspense insofar as the mystery aspect is a nonstarter and the protagonist is a lobotomized pawn for the killer.

Che G (gb) wrote: One of Jackie Chan's worst movies ever! I've just recently watched it and I couldn't figure out why I watched this over and over again whenever it was shown on IBC 13 when I was a kid. I still love Jacki Chan movies though but this one just sucks in every way possible.

Daniel S (ag) wrote: No holds barred look at the good and bad sides of professional football.