The Return of the Jonsson League

The Return of the Jonsson League

Criminal trio strike at furniture store, discover a secret network for shipping computers to the Soviet Union.

Criminal trio strike at furniture store, discover a secret network for shipping computers to the Soviet Union. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Return of the Jonsson League torrent reviews

andrew h (au) wrote: best Martial Art film ive seen since Ip-Man, great choreography...

Donnie B (kr) wrote: Beautiful, informative, personal, and alluring. It may not be as involving as the gn, but it stands on its own merits.

movie fan a (fr) wrote: usd to like this movie a lott!! love the songs!!

Ivan K (nl) wrote: in few 15 minutes can be very intersting and in other 15 minutes can be really really boring

Damondo T (au) wrote: Brilliant film... Woods plays the part of Panzram really well... and the scene of the brutal beating he dishes out on the prison guard!!!! say no more

Ae G (ru) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time!

Ken S (mx) wrote: The biggest problem with the third film in the "Planet of the Apes" saga is that it has it takes the best part of franchise's know, the Ape planet, and strips that from the film by reversing it: ape astronauts sent back in time to find Earth ruled by humans. Spoil alert for those who haven't seen "Beneath the Planet of the Apes": Earth got destroyed in the final moments of the previous film. But luckily, so the franchise can continue, Zira and Cornelius, and another ape scientist named Dr. Milo, happened to fix up Taylor's spacecraft (?), fly up into space (?), all before the Earth was destroyed (?) and traveled back in time (?) to the plot of this film. It is all really convoluted and crazy, and really made it hard for me to get behind this film the first time around. It does give more of a background on how the apes came to rule the Earth, but the story given is far more interesting than the actual story of this film. I must admit though that being a sucker for this franchise I actually found this film to be better the second time around. I thought the tone was inconsistent, but this second time it flowed better. Maybe because I knew what to expect or maybe because the initial premise of somehow magically traveling back in time opening really took me out if it. There are elements I genuinely like, even if I admit the film is flawed.

Jimi L (ca) wrote: PLOT: Film centers Simon Cordier (Vincent Price), who is well known judge in his place. Before the execution of one murder who convinced a lot of deaths, Simon (Vincent Price), goes to speak with prisoner to fulfill his last wish. However, prisoner told to Simon that he was possesed and he doesn't remember killing anyone. he shows diference in behaviour, which SImon noticed, and tries to kill him. Guard saved Simon, but while struggling, Simon killed prisoner. Eventualy Simon meets invisible being called "Horla", who is capable of limited psychokinesis and complete mind control. Simon discovers that, controled by horla, he shows same simptoms as prisouner, so he tries to solve problem as soon as possible. He started to write diary about how he feeles when he think he is opsessed. And he also started visiting psychotherapeuthist who advised him to start doing sculpturing again. Simon suddenly start feeling better, eventualy he found a model Odette Mallotte DuClasse (Nancy Kovack), who is married to young artist, but accepts to work for Simon. After they finished aranged modeling job, Horla gets back to Simons life, making him to kill Odette. Simon, aware of what is Horla capable of, starts writing his last sentences in diary where he apoints that he will finish with this madness once and for all.COMMENTS: Tittle: DIary of a Madman actually leaves huge controversion to the movie, knowing that it presents state of mind of person who is called as mad, however, it can really point to question was he mad or actualy one and only rational person in the movie.Not such a hard part for Vincent, doing what he usualy does, playinmg between good and evil, but never just one. A large influence of Corman and E.A. Poe, who never gave enough fiction so you could positivly say that novel is fiction or not.Allways good to watch him!

Miriam S (nl) wrote: This is also a classci must se human nature community hugging little tale, a must see

Jesse K (de) wrote: Truly terrifying at times. Great atmosphere.

Martin N (de) wrote: Not without it's flaws, but who doesn't like a good old who done it! Almost forgot that back in the day they didn't care about an authentic accent. Really odd to hear a character speak in this heavy English accent that is suppose to be a Russian Militia officer.