The Return of the Pink Panther

That famous jewel, The Pink Panther, has once again been stolen and Inspector Clouseau is called in to catch the thief

The Inspector is convinced that 'The Phantom' has returned and utilises all of his resources - himself and his oriental manservant - to reveal the true identity of 'The Phantom'. That famous jewel, The Pink Panther, has once again been stolen and Inspector Clouseau is called in to catch the thief

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Users reviews

Adam R (de)

You can check it out and have a good time but don't expect anything worth writing home about. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is not a bad movie by any means but it's certainly a disappointment. Steven Spielberg reportedly didn't want to make this movie and it shows through his flat directing and overuse of CGI effects, although I have a sneaking suspicion the latter was George Lucas's doing. This isn't to do with the actors but more with the directing and technical feel of it. The other major issue is the overall "tiredness" of the whole production. If the filmmakers had commented on this a bit then it might have worked but it's played mostly straight so it tends to fall short. Indy, with his usual look and speech, feels very out of place in this story and it's very distracting. Kingdom has two distinct styles (swashbuckling adventure serial and science fiction B-movie) going on at once which, more often than not, clash in a very blunt and awkward way. Where it begins to stumble is with the alien plot. Plus it conveniently matches Harrison Ford's actual age. The choice to set it in the late 1950s and have Indy fight the Soviets is a novel idea worth exploring. One of the two biggest issues with this movie stems from the overall story. Hamming it up but also injecting a true sense of menace, she creates, I believe, the most memorable villain in the franchise. Special mention should also go to Cate Blanchett as Soviet spy Irina Spalko. He manages to bring a genuine vulnerability to his tough guy persona that's very endearing. Shia LaBeouf, whatever your opinions on him are as a person, can be a damn good actor when he needs to be and this movie is elevated by his performance. The rest of the cast is also pretty great. Harrison Ford and Karen Allen return and revive some of their chemistry from the first movie. Once again, the action scenes are creative and interesting, even if they are overly reliant on CGI. There are certainly things to enjoy here. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is ultimately a fun but lacking, disposable film. The return of Indiana Jones is unfortunately a less than spectacular wet fart

GringoTex J (ca)

If he were in 1930s Hollywood, he would have made movies like Lubitsch. He can't be hurried or pressured to force anything, even when the subject is female mutilation. He has such a deft, light, masterful touch. My first Sembene film

Ilja S (au)

s it good? Hell no! Would I watch it if it would be on TV right now? Hell yeah!. I have and always will love this movie. I'm a 90's kid

Jim G (es)

everyone included did a great job. I try not to take myself too seriously at all times and just accept things as made for fun. My personal experience was that it is a lot of fun to see DeNiro and company clown around

Joey V (kr)

Menace ll Society is the story of young man who grew up in the hood of Watts, California known for its infamous riots, young actor Tyrin Turner plays this young man known as Kaydee "Caine" Lawson a kid who saw his father Samuel L Jackson kill a man and eventually have the dope game take him and his mother who dies of a overdose, and is sent without guidance accept from a local Glenn Plummer as "Pernell" but is eventually locked and to repay him Caine takes care of Jada Pinkett as "Ronnie" Pernells girlfriend and son but as this movie goes on bad things happen leading up to the climax, may I add that all the performances are great including Caine's bestfriend O-Dog played by Larenz Tate a kid who simply doesn't give a fuck and A-Wax played by rapper MC Eiht a man who's been gang banging for a long time that he wants to see other peoples work but he's down for whatever but there other people who try to lead Caine down the right path his teacher and his son/friend of Caine Sharif played by Vonte Sweet and other friend who wants to play football in Kansas and wants Caine but Caine chooses to sell drugs, help shot the men who killed his cousin, accidentally possibly get someone pregnant, and get caught jacking a car but in the beginning it shows the scene of Caine and O-Dog going into the store grabbing some forties but our soon followed into a terrible crime as on their way out the owner says "I feel bad for your mother" a enraged O-Dog kills both Asian owners and takes the tape but haunts them as a enraged Chauncey after being beaten by Caine gives the tape to the police and the story moves on with you not seeing Caine as a good guy or bad guy but you sympathize with him, with great directing and writing and a solid end I see forth you see this movie

John D (fr)

/5. This might not be to everyone's taste, But this is one of the best "Viking" films as what I remember. Refn made films kinda reminds me of Kubrick, with a little element to it. As usual, Mads Mikkelsen's performance is top notch. It shows graphic and shocking images. The brilliant atmosphere that you are sucked into an enthralling film going experience. This is one of those films, where there has not much dialogue, but by watching it, it's an art in the making. The ambiance and the visuals in this film are just stunning. Speaking of beautiful landscapes

Peggy R (kr)

One of my favorite movies! My kids loved it

Robert I (br)

Five stars for the Street Fighter scene!!! A live action manga!!! Giant mallet included!!!!