The Returned

The Returned

The lives of the residents of a small French town are changed when thousands of the recently dead inexplicably come back to life and try to integrate themselves into society that has changed for them.

The lives of the residents of a small French town are changed when thousands of the recently dead inexplicably come back to life and try to integrate themselves into society that has changed for them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas S (ca) wrote: The theme of this film is all over the place. At first glance it looks like a film about single moms finding empowerment by one stereotype learning from the other, overcoming misunderstandings along the way. But by the end of the film they all have boyfriends of their own who have all in their own stereotypical way helped the leading ladies find completeness in their lives.There are a few laughs to be had along the way; but ultimately, like the characters, the film just feels like it's missing any real substance.

D M (fr) wrote: This comedy-horror/fantasy with a metal-based soundtrack features a small group of friends who spend too much time doing D&D-style LARP. They purchase an ancient grimoire online only to later discover it releases a real succubus who proceeds to feed on the other LARPers. References to black and doom metal as well as specifically, Manowar, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Kerry King, and King Diamond make this even better! The cast includes Brian Posehn, that midget from Game of Thrones, and one of the McPoyle brothers. The finale showcases the protagonist using a metal song to battle the abominog!

terhi t (gb) wrote: Desire developing to blind passion in a man with intelligence is an interesting phenomena seldom depicted, and in this way where his family is scarred by their act because the object of desire is his sons fiancee. Somehow the idea that there are people who can give up everything else - carrieer and material ownings - because of a feeling is very important, and finally nothing is left... was it only a dream, an illusion, did it exist? On the other hand it can be seen as a logical conclusion to a tightly controlled life: home and work as well as human relations of the caracter played by Irons are all very finely spun and tightly binding, and when this dam gets a fracture in the form of a woman he feels attracted it breaks with surprising violence. i like both Irons and Binoche as actors, sensitive and small scale, and together...The caracter of the son is somehow unreal in his subdued innocence and naivety... don't believe such can exist, but it has been their decision to reduce him to an idiot - almost.

Christopher C (it) wrote: It started off sort of awkwardly, which is what I think everytime I watch a Hal Hartley movie.Then it became very engrossing and highly amusing (in a very understated way). Anxiety of influence: obviously Godard on Hartley. But then Hartley on Wes Anderson and Whit Stillman and Noah Baumbach.

Annette E (jp) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Brett D (kr) wrote: I enjoyed it for the most part. The beginning dragged on a bit and the scenes at the house with the tape recorder went on for too long. The last half of the film inside the Mausoleum had a ton of suspense and made for a great movie. The cheap effects with the corpses and the lightening were very effective.

Martin T (gb) wrote: A light and breezy musical comedy, with a marvelous anything-goes attitude. From the sounds of the city opening to the fairy tale ending, it's full of carefree little bits of business. Great gags, great songs, great energy. But it wouldn't be half as good without Maurice Chevalier, whose irresistible charm lights up the screen. Jeanette Macdonald is the weak link... she's okay, but she can't compete with Chevalier's infectious disposition. I thought Myrna Loy was a better match for him.

Brian B (us) wrote: It is not hard to see why this is considered to be one of cinema's greatest movies ever made as this movie hits every element perfectly.After a wealthy newspaper tycoon dies, journalists scramble to find out the meaning of his last word "Rosebud". Then we see the history of his life and everything he encountered throughout it.The acting is magnificent. Especially coming from Orson Welles who in my opinion gave one of the best performances ever put on screen. But every other actor offers something great to the movie and not a single one of the main actors did a weak job acting. They all gave strong performances.Wells direction is terrific and he is able to use basic elements to craft something truly brilliant with this picture. His work behind the camera is immaculate and it brings the viewer into a truly special experience.This movie is engaging from the very first scene. Some people may not like the talk heavy dialogue but if you like slow paced movies (which I usually do) then it shouldn't bother you.This movie has stood the test of time. It has aged well and it shows no sign of losing popularity. Is it one of my favorite movies of all time? No, but the reason it gets a 10/10 is because of its impact on cinema and how much it contributed to it. The only American film which comes close to topping this masterpiece is "The Godfather".

Ker Malkin G (gb) wrote: Nothing great but certainly passable.

Eric R (ag) wrote: Elliott Gould and Robert Blake play two Los Angeles cops whom follow the trail of a drug kingpin even though their superiors have been paid off to leave the drug lord alone. Gould and Blake are perfect as the two cops, whom are just crazy enough to go after the kingpin by themselves. This is a strong script with some fantastic banter between the two of them. Peter Hyams does some interesting things visually, with some very cool long takes/tracking shots that are really quite impressive. The ending of the film is fantastic and really does hit home.