The Revenant

The Revenant

In the 1820s, a frontiersman, Hugh Glass, sets out on a path of vengeance against those who left him for dead after a bear mauling.

Out with a hunting party, explorer and fur trapper Hugh Glass is mauled by a bear and left for dead by a craven duo who were tasked with either helping him recover or burying him with proper respect. Glass would channel some unprecedented badassery by not only surviving, but making a brutal 200 mile journey across present day South Dakota, sporting gravely gruesome injuries. His motivation for survival? Revenge. Pure and simple. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt F (ru) wrote: This movie is really fun... if you like tagging and graffiti, take a look. Its the first of 6 movies about graffiti that Jon Reiss is releasing over the course of the next year, and its like a prologue... the next movies will city based, focused on one city in particular. Sure to be an indispensable source of inspiration for taggers everywhere.

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