The Revolt of the Seven

The Revolt of the Seven

Peplum movie from 1964.

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The Revolt of the Seven torrent reviews

Warner B (mx) wrote: In the back drop of the world's largest dam construction, the daughter of a poor farmer comes to terms with her job aboard a Western Cruise Ship.

David K (au) wrote: screenwriters are ego maniacs but the older ones are just plain funny

Brad P (jp) wrote: As entertainment, this documentary is only average, but the subject matter and political maneuvering depicted makes it worth watching, as the legendary comedian unwittingly becomes a casualty in the completely hypocritical drug and culture wars. The erratically edited narrative of Chong's background, rise to fame, and eventual arrest on trumped-up charges and political imprisonment leaves the viewer outraged at the amount of taxpayer money that was spent on the sting operation "Pipe Dreams", which amounted to little more than entrapment and accomplished little more than unjustly jailing a high-profile member of America's much maligned and nearly extinct counter-culture.

TAMMY (mx) wrote: good romantic chic flic

Joshua N (it) wrote: A decent adventure film that is entertaining but suffers from a much longer than needed run time. Many scenes should have been shorter if not cut entirely; as it stands these scenes tend to slow the film down detracting from the genre.

Mitchell A (fr) wrote: I loved this movie with its humorous moments, interesting side-plots and a good cast

Metaflix I (de) wrote: Jackie Brown is a lesser Quentin Tarantino movie in name recognition only. It has just as much bombastic dialogue, bad-ass characters, and beautiful camerawork as all his other films. The only difference is that Jackie Brown is far less violent, making it a perfect recommendation for those wanting to see a Q.T. flick but have traditionally given his movies a wide berth due to all the blood and guts.

James M (kr) wrote: An unstructured film, pretty much consisting of conversation about a love triangle. The performances are decent and it's interesting for as long as it lasts, but would have worked better as a stage play.

Evanna M (kr) wrote: i recommend to watch this movie. it's a good and turn out to be a true one. we watch it and i was amazed by it.. it's good.. almost cried at the end..

Calvin C (br) wrote: Great songs but the hippies were annoying as hell. I really wanted to slap their flower power back at their faces. Damn hippies.Grade: B-

Christopher B (gb) wrote: Creepy horror film from France. Some striking imagery and an interesting plot. Great DVD from Mondo Macabro.

Anita P (mx) wrote: As a dedicated fan of Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon this film is outstanding.A tearjerker of a true story. FABULOUS!!

Scott R (ca) wrote: Went and visited the marina and had to see the movie afterwards. It could have been worse.