The Rickshaw Man

The Rickshaw Man

The story of Muhōmatsu, a rickshaw man who becomes a surrogate father to the child of a recently widowed woman. 1958 remake of a 1943 film (same title, same director)

A poor rickshaw driver finds himself taking care of a young woman and her son after the woman's husband dies suddenly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Rickshaw Man torrent reviews

Fidel Antonio M (kr) wrote: Alps (Giorgos Lanthimos): Absurd beyond logic. So out there, it makes Dogtooth mainstream.

Private U (ca) wrote: 1 of the few Movies (!) ever made in BD.

Jeremy H (ru) wrote: i watched the trailer and it looked like fuckin crap

Ronald S (br) wrote: A disgusting look at life in New York that doesn't seem to belong in one era of time. It's one of those films that just made me feel dirty for most of my viewing. A lot isn't explained and the lead is an incompetent mumbling fool who rubs his face more than I've ever seen one person touch their face. It's grainy, the people are mostly odd and selfish, and the score sounds like it was lifted from an 80s slasher film.I liked it for how different it was and for how oddly involving it is, but I would probably never watch it again purely to save myself from that gross feeling I got while watching.

Zach A (de) wrote: Yes I have seen this movie but that because sometimes I am to lazy to change it off of the family channel. That being said it wasn't the worst thing i have seen on that channel.

Ed P (kr) wrote: Ce film Italien est une vrai bouffee d'oxygene. En plus l'action se deroule pres de la Sicile... :-)

David G (es) wrote: A film that has little to no understanding of story, structure or direction.

Jordan J (mx) wrote: What the hell is this?! No Burt Reynolds?! Modern-day San Francisco?! Devil Pussy?! WHAT?!?! And you think you have the right to relace the sweetness of Anne-Marie with this douchebag kid?! SHAME!!!!!

Eldin B (es) wrote: "No questions. No answers. That's the business we're in. You just accept it and move on. Maybe that's lesson number three."