The Ride

The Ride

A has-been cowboy is given a second chance at the hands of an unexpected teacher.

A has-been cowboy is given a second chance at the hands of an unexpected teacher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jane H (gb) wrote: I really liked this movie BUT the boring not required flashes to Hitler and his g/f in their bunker were a waste of time.

Nandan T (nl) wrote: Worse than the first one which I didn't really like.

Matthew L (ru) wrote: The DTV films that have been running for about a decade now has largely been of a very high quality, and this film continues this trend. The voice cast including guest stars James Hong, Auberjonois and Molina seem to be having great fun, the animation is top draw and the plot is worthy of anything that has come along before, just a shame its the standard 'man in a suit' mystery and not a genuine creature feature which the series does so well.

Wae B (ca) wrote: Absolute waste of time.. Avoid..

Manu G (ag) wrote: To live a life of his own, he has to die first.Very good film! To tell you the truth I didn't know what to expect from this movie but I was gladly rewarded. Olivia Wilde wow, such an amazing hot woman, she drives me crazy and acts pretty good, reminds me of younger version of Julia Roberts, she has a great future ahead of her. The story was excellent and very interesting. Good ending!Tim Kearney is a loser. He's already in prison for the fourth time because of a criminal offence. There he's offered a deal with the DEA, which would involve his impersonating a legendary drug dealer, Bobby Z. Tim is told that the real Bobby Z has recently died of a heart attack in an embassy in Thailand, shortly after getting out of prison there. The plan that had been in operation at the time of Bobby's death was for him to be exchanged for a DEA agent that was being held by a Mexican drug cartel. The Feds explain to Tim that if he agrees to go along with this "transfer," he will be free to escape south of the border once the DEA agent is safely back on the American side.

Jeff G (jp) wrote: For a small film it packs a lot of laughs...kind of a Hangover meets your high school reunion and it had a through line of sweetness that reminded me of Tommy Boy...maybe it's a midwest thing. Swardson and Harland Williams stole the scenes they were in and for his first film lead both in front of and behind the camera, Rosenbaum shows promise past his fan boy days as TV's Lex Luthor by throwing a Movie Party with Heart!

Nikhil M (ru) wrote: 86 minutes are enough for a sex comedy to leave its print. But this movie fails to do that. Failed characters and faulty script makes this one a bad watch.

Racheal C (mx) wrote: this movie looks really dumb, but I have to rate it cuz I'm only the 13th person to do it.

Christopher B (br) wrote: Absolutely great and predictable movie dripping with the feel of 80's/early 90's movies. Unusual venue for classic honor in fighting drama. One of those "I know this is a B movie, I know it's predictable, but I loved watching it suprisingly much anyway" movies.

Kevin M W (kr) wrote: Lackluster early Pitt star effort about the attempts of yet another drifter trying to make it in New York. I'll bet he'll be lucky if some legit broad, say like Cat Keener maybe, can find it in her heart to put up with his delusions of grandeur.

Ray A (ag) wrote: An underrated, and very funny, film.

Kiran Rimmy V (nl) wrote: Cool action movie with good action sequences. Rutger Hauer does a excellent job. The blind subject is very rehearsed by him.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Disillusioned businessman struggles to maintain his ideals under extreme pressure. Watch it in case you'd like some direction on what not to do with your life. Somewhat depressing, Lemmon took home the Oscar for Best Actor.

April M (us) wrote: Katharine. There will never be another her. The great ones only come around once.

Tony D (ru) wrote: Since "Scent of a Woman" I have seen this actor develop himself to be one of the best in our era in acting. He did not fit the "accepted" physically attractive or athletic type of many leading men in Hollywood or whatever-wood. This man possessed a natural gift and passion in this field. He transformed himself over a very short time in a very successful artist. At 46 years old Phillip Seymour Hoffman left this place and left a tremendous void for us who have enjoyed his work. Tonight I watched this film alongside another great actor Robert De Niro. I was sincerely impressed how he flows in acting; his personification of this man-woman character who chooses to help the one who is an arrogant fool with a heart (De Niro). The humanity displayed here is profound as no matter what any person think may think we are in society, we can all make mistakes and desire to be loved and love right back, and even feel lonely and helpless. Reaching out for help, as this character did, can enrich not only ones life but others as well. I will miss Phillip because in spite of his alleged flaws, he has also very human, like you and I, and damn gifted in his art. A true genius in my book. See his other great films! Enjoy this guys art! R.I.P Phillip.

Kay L (de) wrote: Expected a lot more from the trailer. Wasn't bad, but wasn't a must-see either.

MiKayla S (ru) wrote: My star goes to the actors, who did great. But I really don't see myself watching this movie again. If you look up the movie to find what's it about, than it's not to bad. Other wise, it's a confusing mess..