The Ride Back

The Ride Back

A troubled sheriff, a failure at everything in his life, tries to redeem himself by extraditing a popular gunfighter from Mexico to stand trial for murder.

A troubled sheriff, a failure at everything in his life, tries to redeem himself by extraditing a popular gunfighter from Mexico to stand trial for murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John K (gb) wrote: A feel good documentary about a great writer who defined his own success and, in the process, invented participatory journalism.

WS W (kr) wrote: A film which filled up with tons of comedians turns out to be zero funny as a result however.

Michael W (ru) wrote: A tad wonkish, but does a good job of highlighting the abuse of secrecy in the name of national security, going back to the first SCOTUS case that gave the government this power (it was based on a lie). Also gives a voice to those who claim that it can and should be used when it really is necessary. The question remains as to who should police it.

River E (au) wrote: We all need that dear friend who makes us forget our troubles and say "fuck them all". Make John Waters your friend today.

Simone S (es) wrote: I have always liked John Leguizamo, he has always showed that he has talent. Unfortanetly not to many have giving him the chance before this to show his range. I am very happy to see him in movies like these to proof himself. This story was very real, how many families are out there right now just trying to make it and how many are not making it? Especially nowadays this is hitting it right on the nail. Great story and great performences. How much worst are things are going to get in this country?

Mike C (ca) wrote: hell no!Theres no way will i combine gay and soccer.

Zainab A (kr) wrote: This is a good movie, not necessarily a movie for younger kids though. The movie has a very smart scene in the court room. Good movie, was entertaining.

Marta K (ag) wrote: Brilliant drama. A new look on the nature of affection.

Jenevieve H (jp) wrote: I can't think of anyone else who embodies what I'd like to get out of being an artist as well as Andy Goldsworthy. His work is captured beautifully and sensitively by director Thomas Riedelsheimer.

Rukmal F (jp) wrote: Think it was targeting Bill Gates. Anyways think it if totally fictional

EunJun C (jp) wrote: OMG this is like the best movie ever

Panta O (it) wrote: I like a good film noir. I was expecting that this one is a good choice. Directed by Richard Quine, it stars Fred MacMurray, Philip Carey, and Kim Novak in her breakthrough role. The screenplay was adapted from two novels, The Night Watch by Thomas Walsh and Rafferty by William S. Ballinger, and I'll say, wasn't developed enough, and characters remained just film types rather than real people we could relate. The story of the honest cop Paul Sheridan (Fred MacMurray) and him having a task to recover $200,000 after a bank robbery, most of the time worked well. I like how the little events, each of them relevant to the story, were incorporated while the police officers maintain a 24-hour surveillance on Lona McLane (Kim Novak), a girlfriend of one of the robbers. Of course, it's always something complicated in life, and here is that Sheridan quickly falls in love with Lona, who, when she finds out he's a policeman, tries to persuade him to kill Harry Wheeler (Paul Richards) so the two can take off with the cash... Film's plot is similar to other film noir, and some critics think that Double Indemnity is the movie to compare. Kim Novak was, at the time, a rising photogenic and acting star. For me, as a blond chick, she didn't do much - overacting was a huge problem and when Fred MacMurray grabs her for a kiss it didn't look romantic or full with passion - last time when I saw a kiss like that was when a Turkish free-style wrestling team member at the Balkan Championship kissed the official when awarded a gold medal. Not a pretty sight! This is not a great film, but it's immensely entertaining, covering a lot of territory in its 88 minutes.

J T N (br) wrote: Perhaps the funniest pairing of Tim Conway & Don Knotts. So sad that they were'nt used more than the four films they made. This is clearly their best.

Jim B (it) wrote: This movie is uninspiring and a horribly made copy of a hand full of other movies with similar story lines which were good. I also noticed most of the actors were dressed in 90s fashions even though its supposed to take place in the mid to late 80s. This movie was made by Rockafella which is no surprise because just like this film its full of shit.

Dan M (it) wrote: A sloppy crude film that tries too hard to mix reality with comedy, and is saved only by its star performer. Tongue so firmly planted in cheek that it ends up gagging for breath, despite the farcical nature.

John U (ca) wrote: Greatest comedy of all time. Has everything a movie can offer. Timeless. Enjoy it as much as I did when it first came out. Watch it multiple times throughout the year and now with my kids. Tom Hanks best performance.

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Didn't care for the movie that much.