The Right Distance

The Right Distance

The arrival of an attractive young teacher in a small town in the Po valley disturbs the drowsy life of the place, leading eventually to a murder.

The arrival of an attractive young teacher in a small town in the Po valley disturbs the drowsy life of the place, leading eventually to a murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawna G (jp) wrote: this was a great movie

Bernie L (ag) wrote: I applaud the director's efforts to make this a very experimental movie, and some parts of the movie were plain brilliant. But overall, the movie was all over the place and I am not sure what I got out of it. Very very strange.

Kenneth L (fr) wrote: Knowing full well it was damn wrong I still felt a great deal of satisfaction everytime the protagonist put down a bad guy as vengeance for &/or defense of his family.

Hvard P (it) wrote: Hyperactive and crazy. I love it.

Tristan P (kr) wrote: Bizarre, often surrealistic vampire flick starring the always excellent Elina Lowensohn as the daughter of Dracula. Peter Fonda is funny as Van Helsing and the underrated Martin Donovan gives another great performance. The use of public domain stock footage of Bela Lugosi (from WHITE ZOMBIE) as Dracula was a stroke of genius.

Nathan C (br) wrote: A decent, yet important film that contains a hair-raisingly excellent Brando performance.

S S (es) wrote: Not in a position to rate it because I don't understand it...but its funny to watch!! I like the songs...

Miguel S (gb) wrote: Very well chosen cast with great quality on the actors and actresses performances. Flick with some important ideas like the struggle against the prejudice between people (Nazi stuff included). Other relevant social aspects are raised.Characters with very close to real mindsets that capture almost any real personality.Glocken is a key-character not just for the narrator parts but also for his understanding of life in general (and the interaction between almost all the important characters). The dog in this picture is priceless^^ (he is almost a character^^)This movie also contains very interesting love stories and a great ending.I don't give an extra star just for the lack of German language during the entire film (i think it wouldn't be a commercial success if it had German as the main language but that's just my opinion because the universe where this is happening begs for German).

Lanning (ag) wrote: The only date I make with comics is the Sunday morning funny papers. Gee, if only my ex-true love had felt the same way. She bypassed me for a professional comedian. I kid you not. As a result, I've been working on my routine ever since -- you know, just in case. If I've learned anything from the whole mess, I gotta say it really is hard to write your own jokes. Damn, flixster friends, do you think Barbara Stanwyck might have a grand-daughter on flixster? If so -- Yo, Barbara Stanwyck's grand-daughter, if you actually exist and you're reading this: Aloha! If you're single, this is a genuine marriage proposal. Don't worry about the singing (if it's inherited); we can work on that. If you're interested, Barbara Stanwyck's grand-daughter, please flixster message me ASAP! I pretty much log in daily. Yea, verily, I promise you the moon -- and then some . . . You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Barbara Stanwyck's grand-daughter. And -- I must ardently reiterate -- then some : )

Thomas B (jp) wrote: I didn't like it much. What can I say, I don't like musicals

Mark E (kr) wrote: So this is an action movie but the action isn't all that great. Gun play is pretty well done but when it comes to hand to hand martial arts it's very wooden and slow with long pauses, similar to old 80s/90s action but less over the top so more boring. Story is very predictable and acting is only so-so at best for all involved. Combine with a lot of reading sub titles unless you know Portuguese and overall not a very enjoyable watch.

Glenn C (ru) wrote: A new teacher is confronted by a classroom of delinquent and disruptive teenagers... well all know the genre because it's been done over and over with each generation embracing it as though its something fresh. To Sir With Love was one of the forerunners and helped shape the mould. 'Blackboard Jungle' was actually the first but To Sir With Love further fashioned it into a formula worth repeating. For me it's one of the best and none of the others have come as close to affectively showing the transformation of students. There's a wonderful montage midway into the film which shows the class on a day trip to the museum. The images are powerful with a real sense of wonder and curiosity captured on the faces of the students. The other thing that strikes me about this over the countless clone movies is that it points the finger at adults. With a school full of troublesome teenagers, they are surrounded by a faculty of teachers who loath them and bare no belief in them whatsoever. How can kids be inspired if there is no faith and respect for them? Sidney Poitier is always amazing and his role as Thackery is inspiring. This is a great film that's spirit has travelled throughout decades of replications such as Lean On Me, Stand & Deliver, Dangerous Minds and Freedom Writers... few people know that Sidney Poitier returned 30 years later for a sequel directed by Peter Bogdonovich. While it was unnecessary, it was still a curious and engaging movie showing the similarities between the 1960s teenager and the 1990s teenager.

The Phantom C (kr) wrote: This film is totally cheesy, gratuitous, and lacks subtlety.