The Righteous and the Wicked

The Righteous and the Wicked

Hobbs, a notorious wanted bandit, gets caught up in a violently competitive hunt for stolen cash when he finds out outlaws have robbed the local bank. While trying to get back what's his he must saddle up to stop these outlaws leaving whomever stands in his way dead!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gun,   horse,   showdown,  

Hobbs, a notorious wanted bandit, gets caught up in a violently competitive hunt for stolen cash when he finds out outlaws have robbed the local bank. While trying to get back what's his he... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Righteous and the Wicked torrent reviews

probulus 2 (kr) wrote: Besides the acting and script being incredibly bad, the theology is off as well. This movie squanders an opportunity to examine the role of God, good and evil and free will in the world. Whenever a salient point is made, it is immediately dropped as if the writer did not know how to answer the question or decided to add a non-sequitor or visual effect. Issues brought up but not addressed: Oil companies are the work of satan, "He who loves this world hates God" (so we should not enjoy anything?) Satan is responsible for the crucifiction (huh?), God killed over 100 million in the flood (Satan), why does God not destroy Satan, Is satan the cause of sin or is it free will. There is an assertion early in the movie that "The Bible is the most reliable source of history ever produced." Certainly the writers cannot be serious here. Other unbelievable lines include: "Satan causes wars" - has anyone read the Old Testament? Another is that Satan crucified Christ. Was not his crusification the sole purpose for his appearance on earth? It was not Satan's idea -- it was Jesus' idea (or God's or him as God....) Even a true believer should be shaking his/her head and ask exactly what was the point of this movie? This will be a cult class someday, just like Reefer Madness and Battlefield Earth. And BTW, Satan drives a Hummer.

Rafia S (nl) wrote: Sorta long but I would it call it the "first modern chic flick" of bollywood. However, every movie released in India is a chic flick...hmmI loved, loved, loved the fashion the songs! They are the only two things that keep the movie together! Acting is mediocre and the so-called "hot boys" are so blah!! Abhay Deol keeps proving how versatile he is.

Kris M (ca) wrote: I must be easy to please this summer. I'm not nearly as critical as I used to be. Really though, I was laughing at this until they finally took it off shore. And I know why. It's the same reason I've loathed every yoga class I've ever taken. Yes,I love yoga. I like that it makes me do strange things with my body and that it makes me feel good, but the instructors (save one who was just filling in that day) have all been annoying to various degrees of intensity. Basically they are people who received training, found some deep satisfaction and their own enlightenment and felt compelled to share it...all of it, enlightenment,hippy dippy, phony, raised octave speech patterns and all. The problem is, not everyone's enlightenment is...everyone's enlightenment so, yes, I resist jumping someone else's spiritual plane-or train and end up hating the class. I'll have mine and you keep yours, please. Just show me the correct pose, how to get there without damaging myself and tell me when and how the heck to breath, forget the chanting crap and I'll sort the inner meaning for myself...much as Nick did. I really related to this guy.As I said, once the show got off the NA continent I started hearing other things,less rehearsed things about what yoga is or isn't and really got sucked into Nick's journey...which he correctly pointed out should have been Kate's on her own because she sure didn't get what she was looking for through him. Which makes me wonder why she did do this with someone else as the subject because I don't think she started out being very objective at all. It almost seemed like she was expecting a real aha, the curtain retracts and the light of awareness streams forth moment, or that she thought Nick might prove to be more resoundingly skeptical than he was and it would just be all about him. But what she got was probably better. A truth of sorts, the one that illustrates that everyone takes their own journey and that spirituality has sod all to do with religion or disciplines or beliefs. It just is and it is unique to everyone. It doesn't take a movie to tell us all that but, since I live deep in the heart of organized religionland sometimes I find it comforting to feel not so alone in my lack of doctrinal discipline.

PJ P (br) wrote: Because I once lived there, I have a weakness for movies set in central Edinburgh; but not this much. What a mess this movie is. Unlike Michael Haneke with Funny Games, which New Town Killers palely imitates, Richard Jobson doesn??t seem to understand that in this genre the killers should carry no burden of psychological scarring. Ludicrous, tedious and disjointed, it fails to convince us of what should be an obvious truth ?? the rich think the poor to be little more than animals and get away with everything while the poor have no chance. Considering that the villains are bankers (honestly!) seeking a little recreational maiming, murder and mayhem, this really shouldn??t have been difficult.

Jason M (es) wrote: This documentary is FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. A real eye-opener.

Saija H (mx) wrote: the film has its moments, but is a bit all over the place... one frame is from Roy Andersson's Hrlig r Jorden, another very Kaurismki-like. not bad but not very original either.

Lucas N (ag) wrote: Epic rock opera wrapped in the comfy blanket of an outlandish comedy.

Alegra S (au) wrote: A very good film giving much insight into the traditions and customs with which so many are still subject to and faced with even in such modern times.

Leo L (ag) wrote: Love this movie, like the book! Cute!

Walter C (mx) wrote: Part one of what was supposed to be a three part series. The director died before he could finish part three (he shot scenes for it but odds are he would never have been allowed to finish it because the Russian government wasn't happy with part two.) Anyway, this movie follows Ivan's life up to the point where he turns his back on his people and leaves them to be ruled by the Boyers (I think that's what they were called.)I loved it. I loved the way Sergei Eisenstein set up shots, the everything looks in the movie, how he uses shadows. It's a beautiful movie.

Kristina C (kr) wrote: can't believe i didn't pick up the twist sooner than i did

Dylan G (br) wrote: With the help of an awesome cast and executive producer Steven Spielberg, this awesome boxing flick fails to disappoint and will entertain kids and adults alike! A+

Konrad A (jp) wrote: Can't stand it too complicated, and it's not fascinating to watch I would say so I'm not a fan

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: Podria ser un film noir por la historia y los personajes perdedores y con ganas de cambiar sus vidas, con el personaje central la ciudad de Atlantic City. Susan Sarandon y Burt Lacaster memorables.