The Ring Virus

The Ring Virus

The Korean adaption of the novel 'Ringu'. A journalist investigates the mysterious death of her niece and discovers that she and her friends have all died under mysterious circumstance.

After the mysterious death of her niece and other three teenagers on the same hour and with the symptoms of heart attack, the journalist Sun-ju decides to investigate their last moments. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J P (ag) wrote: If you're a fan of 80s music, this is the musical for you.

Beth B (mx) wrote: Slow, weird not sure what all the hype was about.

Iain M (fr) wrote: Never ceases to surprise me that different people like different things - I can't believe that there is not universal approval of this film and yet audience rating here is 25%. South Solitary is a beautifully crafted study; broken people fixing each other. The script is tight almost clipped, acting wonderfully underplayed, photography perfect - considering their idea of foreplay, its amazing to think something so sensitive and beautiful could have come from Oz.

John A (ca) wrote: A Solid B-Movie Which Is Decently Made, Which Has Some Nicely Choreographed Martial Arts Sequences, Solid Performances & Breakout Martial Artist Scot Adkins (Expendables 2, X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Directed By Isaac Florentine, Ninja Is A Fast Paced, Fun & Entertaining Film, With Decent Performances A Basic & Formulaic Plot & For An English Speaking Ninja Movie Actually Quite Good, Better Than Most Japanese Ninja Movies. This Is Pure Enjoyment For Martial Arts & Action Fans Alike.

Jay B (gb) wrote: Saw this when I was little...didn't care for it much.

visitorQ S (us) wrote: Very good fake documentary with an aweome cast. 3,5/5

Dan H (nl) wrote: Well acted, decent movie, a little predictable. Robin did a nice job.

Tooba A (au) wrote: Pretty in Pink is clichd, stereotyped, remarkably sentimental, and sweet as all get-out.

Ian C (fr) wrote: Jackie Change aside, Kung Fu comedy doesn't do anything for me. This is no different but the class of Gordon Liu and some excellent choreographed fight scenes makes it worth a watch. The wheel chair scene is immense.

Jorge E (nl) wrote: if requiem for a dream had a godfather....this would be it.

Harpreet S (nl) wrote: Part II is quite good also, but first one is better. Just a really well made film by Eisenstein, which brilliant performances by the cast. A must watch.

Patrick M (mx) wrote: It has some campy qualities of course, but it's one of the more entertaining Toho films because it actually gets going quickly, unlike a lot of the Godzilla movies which take forever to start. Certainly not a waste of your time.

Cameron J (jp) wrote: The three or four stories don't really connect with each other until the very end, nor are they very thematically linked, but "Grand Hotel" is, regardless, an enjoyable collection of tales told through some strong performances (though this, like "Al Quiet on The Western Front", commits the sin of being set in Germany and being about Germans despite being played mainly by American actors who do American accents, though a few try pretty good German accents). Lionel Barrymore is the standout in a role that is even better than his Oscar-winning performance in "Free Soul"; here he plays a dying man who goes to the mythic Grand Hotel to spend his dying days, and all of his money. His brother John Barrymore plays a Baron who is reduced to stealing hotel guests' pocketbooks so he can pay off a debt, but who falls in love with a ballerina (Greta Garbo, who utters the apparently famous line "I want to be alone" a few times, unspectacularly). There's also Joan Crawford as a stenographer and wannabe actress, and Wallace Beery as the man who hires her. In many respects, though the films aren't really related, this can be compared to The Grand Budapest Hotel - the cinematography, while not as refined and stylized as the technically superior Wes Anderson film, is nevertheless controlled, and there are some creative overhead shots which detail the busyness of the grand hotel. The opening montage, in which each of the five main characters is seen making a phone call, is probably the film's best scene from a visual perspective, but there are lots of entertaining moments due to the strong performances, even if those performances aren't wholly consistent throughout the film.

Bearded M (au) wrote: Classic Disney fun that I loved as a kid, this time travel/alien/family comedy/drama does some really great things. It still looks good for the most part, although my daughter was only all to happy to point out that she could see the strings making the little alien puppet dance. The acting is solid with Howard Hesseman giving a good performance as the NASA chief and Joey Cramer gives a very adequate performance for the lead. The story is fairly silly, but heart warming at the same time, it hasn't held up all that well, but the fond memories make up for it. Although I don't think NASA has nearly as much power as they make them out to,3 Beards Out Of 5

bladersmosh (ru) wrote: This movie didn't deserve to bomb; it was a great Sci-Fi film and one of my best movies of 2012. The story is good, the characters are fun and likeable, acting is great (particularly Kitsch, Colins and Dafoe), the visuals are gourgous, the action is exhilarating, Michael Giacchino's score is beautiful to listen and overall this was a really good first attempt of adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs classic novel. I really hope we get another chance of watching this character on screen again and hopefully not by Disney and their stupid marketing team who were mostly to blame for this to bomb. See you in Barsoom people.

Robert I (mx) wrote: Funny, but bad. Really bad.

Matt B (gb) wrote: There's hardly a story in Robots, but in this case it doesn't matter. It's one of the most beautiful animated movies I've ever seen. SO MANY PRETTY COLORS!