The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond

The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond

The New York killer (Ray Danton) goes from mob bodyguard to mob boss to mob target.

Jack Diamond and his sickly brother arrive in prohibition New York as jewellery thieves. After a spell in jail the coldly ambitious Diamond hits on the idea of stealing from thieves himself... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob B (jp) wrote: 'Bad Milo!' is a film that balances being ridiculous, stupid and juvenile to make for a very funny horror-comedy.

Jacob P (de) wrote: Not as good as expected...but I waited over a year for this movie to come out...and I got what I deserved! Very good teen-slasher flick.

Ian R (au) wrote: There was nothing especially wrong with this, it was just a kind of pastiche of better movies put together. The main characters were a tad too unlikable, but the whole thing was done with enough competency to be worth watching.

Chris W (it) wrote: This is a nice little docu-dramedy concerning the turning point for California's wine industry. It's 1976 and a British wine snob named Steven Spurrier feels that no wine can compare to French wine. After hearing that Napa Valley has a growing industry, he decides to investigate, and see if these supposed hicks really have any idea what they're doing. He decides that a blind tasting to compare the California stock with France's finest is in order, but upon trying some of what California has to offer, he realizes there might actually be something promising with their offerings.I was surprised by this. I didn't really know what to expect, but I found it rather enjoyable. Thankfully it's not a rip off of Sideways, just a different take on the some subject. Plus, this one's based on true events, and though it may be a formulaic and predictable underdog story, that doesn't mean it's no less a joy to watch.I think it may have been better had it been a miniseries, as that would have allowed for all of the California vintners to be fully developed and profiled, instead of just a select few, but the gets across anyway. Alan Rickman is great though a bit on the nose as Spurrier. Bill Pullman is quite good as vintner Jim Barrett, and Chris Pine is a scene stealing delight as his hippie son Bo.The film might not be anything fresh or outstanding, but it's nevertheless a nice little offering.

Peter C (ca) wrote: Proof that these funny women won't let an iffy script stop them from being funny. not great, but they sure are great in it (along with jane lynch).

Bart (kr) wrote: metal is awesooome :D and airplanes are too :D yay

Michelle T (gb) wrote: I think I would have needed to watch this in 1973 to appreciate the cinematography more. Other than that, and my amazement at some seemingly trained seagulls, this movie was extremely dull. And why does Jonathan have to half whisper every time he talks?

Mark W (fr) wrote: Very cool! atmosphere abounds!

Aaron V (es) wrote: Watch just for the Slate Brothers!

Gabriel W (it) wrote: This film may represent a a hollywoodization of the legendary Fritz Lang, but it's influence is the key as to why it is important in Hollywood history. It is the earliest example of a well-worn genre, which is why we are perhaps over-familiar with the narrative, but it cannot be ignored because, firstly, it is brilliantly done, and secondly, it is atypical of hollywood at the time. Henry Fonda is exceptional and there are some cleverly woven points regarding the ridiculous nature of the death penalty - for example: "Someone kills a chicken, then cooks it. Taylor eats the chicken, then we kill Taylor! It's a crazy world!" Genius!

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