The Rise and Fall of The Clash

The Rise and Fall of The Clash

The definitive biography of the group's fall from grace after they made it to SHEA Stadium USA and were on their way being a smashing success in the world! This story is one of the most ...

The definitive biography of the group's fall from grace after they made it to SHEA Stadium USA and were on their way being a smashing success in the world! This story is one of the most ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg R (ru) wrote: I love Flight of the Conchords!!

William W (gb) wrote: I hardly ever watch contemporary American comedies in which most of the top cast are women (I still haven't seen either 'Clueless', 'Bridesmaids' or 'Heathers', for example), but recently I enjoyed 'The Devil Wears Prada', I have liked both Lindsay Lohan (especially in 'Bobby' and 'The Prairie Home Companion') and Rachel McAdams (most significantly in 'Redeye' and 'Passion'), so knowing that one of my favourite SNL comediennes, Tina Fey, both wrote and co-starred in this, made me give it a shot. It being critically lauded by some male cinephiles I trust didn't hurt matters, either.It was full of laughs and subtly got across its points about 21st-century American society and of the growing pains for young women in its high school shenanigans. 'Mean Girls' is definitely worth the trouble to find and to give a try yourself. It left me enthusiastically wishing Ms. Lohan can sort out her personal troubles and get back to acting, where she belongs.

Lynn N (es) wrote: Very interesting, but could have been much better. The music and the culture was wonderful. Wish it could have focused more on that than Paul Pena and the crew. There's a lot of things that could have been done better.

Chris D (mx) wrote: Excellent movie, Must see on Blu-Ray to appreciate....

Gabrielle J (nl) wrote: So unfortunate that Spalding Gray couldn't beat his depression and that he commited suicide. He had a great mind that questioned life from all angles... he could have written so many more good monologues! There's something I really like about New York intellectuals: east coast grit and realness. A tragic loss...

Christopher L (es) wrote: What an awesome movie! '80s-tastic in all the right ways, this throwback to '50s B-movies is fun, funny, bloody and frightening. I enjoyed myself immensely.

Cassandra M (nl) wrote: I'd read a lot of harsh reviews of this one before I sat down to watch it, but of all the criticisms, the only one that I felt really applied was the lack of gore. Apart from that, I liked a lot of things about this one. The thick layers of mid eighties cheese for one thing, as well as the utterly generic plot gave me a warm, comforting been there, done that but just keep coming back for more feeling. I found the dream sequences kinda fun and intriguing, even though they had a lot of unused potential. The acting was pear for this sort of movie, ie. not great, but fortunately not grating. Plus there was a little bit of mindless nudity, which did make me briefly grin. What elevated this film above being wholly ordinary for me though were the frequent moments of suspense, and cool, if never very bloody killings. The lack of much blood annoyed me, as gore was clearly a necessary part of the film that just seemed to have been left out, but even without it, the killer set about his business with an almost Michael Myers verve and dedication, which meant for some good excitement, especially towards the end. That about sums it up, as far as I can remember. Definitely recommended, mostly to eighties slasher fans who don't mind there being not very much gore.

Michael T (jp) wrote: Director Lewis sinks to new lows with this low-budget gorefest. Atrocious.

I dont know w (ca) wrote: No one really likes this movie, they just call it adequate at best.

jay n (mx) wrote: Similar in feeling to The Court Jester this takes a genre, the pirate film, that is usually played straight and pokes gentle fun at it while throwing in a few songs and dances along the way. Beautiful color and production design.

Byron B (es) wrote: There is an Italian film from the late '70s with Fred Williamson titled The Inglorious Bastards, which is evidently about a sort of wild bunch killing Nazis in France 1944. Tarantino bought the rights to that film so he could borrow the basic set-up for this WWII genre pic, but the plot has very little in common with the older movie. Thrilling and suspenseful. I love how the multiple story threads are woven together. The Jewish American soldiers form a wild bunch to go kill Nazis. A French Jewish woman is hiding with an assumed identity and working at a cinema. And a cold calculating Colonel is out to catch them all. Christoph Waltz deserved the supporting actor Oscar for Colonel Hans Landa. Mlanie Laurent as the French resistance cinema operator is also impressive. In fact, Tarantino pulled together one of his most impressive international ensemble casts for this new slant on a well established genre.