The Rival

The Rival

This Lifetime movie reveals a chilling side to a woman's need to have a child. When Alice (Tracy Nelson, MIRACLE AT SAGE CREEK) loses her baby in an act of violence, she learns she's cannot have children on her own. She and her husband are overjoyed when they find a surrogate to give them the baby they've always wanted. But Alice's happiness soon turns to jealousy and a deadly rage, causing her to stop at nothing to get her baby. Heather Tom (ALL MY CHILDREN) costars as the surrogate.

A couple unable to have children enlist the aid of a surrogate, only for the wife to be driven to insanity and murder by her paranoia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Rival torrent reviews

Olga T (au) wrote: A movie may be a representation of the world, but it is also something that happens in the world, which means that sustaining a cinematic illusion and breaking it are equally beside the point.

Trouble B (ca) wrote: Oh god everything about it is a terrible bombardment of badly-done cliches.

Cornelusha C (us) wrote: SCREAM! one missed call 5xfreaking scaredthis movie is the scariest movie i ever seen

Paul C (de) wrote: One of the great biopics - even if More portrays him in a more reverentional light than he actually warranted (apparently he was intensely disliked by many who served with him) - nevertheless he was a truly inspirational character, and one worth celebrating.