The Rivals

The Rivals

Romantic havoc ensues in the town of Bath when Sir Anthony arrives to arrange the marriage of his son Captain Jack Absolute to the wealthy Lydia Languish. Jack and Lydia are already in love, but because of Lydia's obsession with romantic novels, Jack has disguised himself as a poor officer named Ensign Beverly and he is only one of Lydia's many suitors.

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Minna S (mx) wrote: Are there miracles and most of all: who is worthy enough to experience them? Those who have been through most or those who try most? In Lourdes, the miracle happens to a woman who is there only because pilgrimage is the only way to get somewhere in her condition. The story's slow and sort of blank which made me more bored than really thoughtful.

Y Kamesh R (it) wrote: technically and cinematography...story and performances were good too

Love M (gb) wrote: The format of voyeurism is acutely executed but painfully sluggish. 03/11/2013

Jonathan R (ag) wrote: Three terrible stories (the worst involving a killer piano) followed by one great one.

Tomas T (br) wrote: Pretty basic WWII war movie, nothing really ground braking. Jack Nicholson is recognizable even if he is a baby face.Somehow the movie seems to be missing the Hell aspect of the war, it does not portray the pacific war as such a hellish place it really was.

Tyler S (ca) wrote: I thought this movie was pretty silly. The fight scenes are decent, but the plot is awful.The way the ease into the movie and just throw out a plot was dumb. Channing Tatum was new to the scene here and you could tell. Terrance Howard (who should get more lead roles) was the best here and really saved the movie. That said all that goes with the film just had nothing but eye rolling.

Robert B (mx) wrote: Whether you enjoy Ruby Sparks or no will mostly come down to a matter of taste. As far as the acting and filmmaking go, Ruby Sparks is fine, not outstanding but still what you would expect out of a good indie film. The plot is decent enough as well. The deciding factor will be whether you enjoy art that makes you uncomfortable within a romantic comedy. For myself, I was looking for something lighter and found the vulgarity and dark side to be unexpected and out-of-place. Nonetheless, Ruby Sparks was interesting and I still recommend it.

Karen H (it) wrote: 2016-04-24 hard to follow and the "pikey" dialect wasn't Irish or anything intelligible. but kind of funny.

Prattay S (es) wrote: totally worth of watching... the story was good so was the casting...

Carlos I (nl) wrote: Woah boy! I was not expecting that to be a straight up comedy. It has a few moments, and it fairly lovingly and accurately sends up the giallo, which is pretty cool, but it gets to slapstick, and the joke goes on too long.