The River

The River

Farming family battles severe storms, a bank threatening to reposses their farm, and other hard times in a battle to save and hold on to their farm.

Farming family battles severe storms, a bank threatening to reposses their farm, and other hard times in a battle to save and hold on to their farm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody T (mx) wrote: Fantastically honest film. Truly refreshing.

Jim B (br) wrote: There are films which are "so bad they're good" and films which are "so bad they're bad" . Sadly, this falls into the latter category. The fight scenes are reasonably well choreographed but the use of slow motion just serves to highlight that they are staged and that punches are being pulled. They also do not compensate for a poorly conceived story-line, terrible dialogue, bad editing and worse special effects. I know it didn't have a massive budget but the green screen foreign location shots and London skyline were what you'd expect from an "Asylum" production and the airships were reminiscent of "They Live". As for the acting. I think much of the supporting cast must be Noel Clarke's mates down the gym. Never have I seen an actor so nervous being filmed that his chin is shaking...well, not until now!If you can make it through the the entire film without A: Losing interest, B: Losing faith in the British film industry or C: Losing the will to live; then you're a better man than me!

(it) wrote: stll as good as 1 and 2

Heather M (it) wrote: I loved this movie. This is a great example of good guys versus bad guys. There were plenty of surprises, but the plot was pretty predictable.

Malcolm R (ru) wrote: Doesn't have the 'depth' of 'Riding Giants' (pun intended!) but worth watching for Mike Parsons' monster wave at Jaws alone. First time I saw it I couldn't believe it wasn't CG. Absolutely jaw-dropping.

Dane W (jp) wrote: Kurt Russell's performance is Oscar worthy. Instead of a mediocre hockey story, Disney takes us back to 1980 with awe.

Sanjay K (mx) wrote: you come out from theater singing only yaadein since the director was dying to only put that clip all over the movie.

Jaron H (it) wrote: It is a stand out rip off of toy story, bit I think I liked this more then I shoukd have :3

Chris G (fr) wrote: So cheesy, such bad dialogue, such bad accents. So good.

Durk C (us) wrote: The magnificent Marlon Brando's acting, the outstanding Francis Ford Coppola's directing job and the gorgeous script by Mario Puzo and Coppola just made the best movie in history, a "gangster" movie that is not a gangsters movie, it's a delightfull drama about family, scene after scene ... Coppola created an enduring, undisputed masterpiece

Art S (es) wrote: Compact early Preston Sturges effort that actually has nothing wrong with it - it just isn't a masterpiece like the comedies he would make in the next few years. Dick Powell (post-musicals, pre-noir) is an earnest but poor guy hoping to win a slogan contest run by a big coffee company offering $25K as a price (with inflation that's $400K to you and me). When the guys in his office send him a prank telegram telling him he's won, things spiral out of control from there (in true Sturges fashion). Good support from Ellen Drew as his gal, Raymond Walburn as the coffee company boss, and, of course, Sturges regular William Demarest in a bit part. At just over an hour, you can't lose.

Steve B (gb) wrote: Wacky Musical with girls dancing on top of flying planes in a city of corruption. An endless pleasure.

Amy B (us) wrote: great family movie - a tearjerker to the nth degree albeit a hair sappy...allstar cast based on lovely japanese story

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 55%Saw this on 20/12/14Stargate is at times extensively silly due to it's large loop holes and clumsy plotting. It's science is almost vaguely narrow, but however, large set designs and special effects save this film from being utterly bad. It's watchable and worth a one time watch. Clearly this work of fiction is not one amongst the top notch films of Roland Emmerich. Among the actors, James Spader and Viveca Lindfors stands out with their performances while Kurt Russel maintains a stale face for most of the time.

Vincent T (it) wrote: Du film Eurocorp comme vous en voulez. Action bourrine et scenar deja vu et revu. Ideal pour passer le temps dans l'avion

Victor U (mx) wrote: Great children movie. Enjoy every second. I would like to see a remake or sequel.