The River Why

The River Why

A young man abandons his family for a solitary life of fly-fishing. His goal was to find his own way in the fishing world and thereby find himself and love.

A young man abandons his family for a solitary life of fly-fishing. His goal was to find his own way in the fishing world and thereby find himself and love. William Hurt co-stars as the man's father, while Amber Heard fills the role of the character's tomboy love interest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carol K (nl) wrote: intelligent, powerful, agressive... bad ass!!

Walter M (de) wrote: "Sing Your Song" is an illuminating documentary about the life, times and career of Harry Belafonte. Whereas some people like Bill Clinton only think of him as a very talented singer, there is much more to him, like his selfless activism which the movie focuses on that began with an eye-opening visit to the South and his first experiences with Jim Crow laws. So, he went to work to end desegregation in the civil rights movement, plus in his musical acts.(For example, there is a clip of him singing Hava Nagila.) But his experiences do not end there, as he has lately been expressing interest in the high number of minorities in prison in this country. All of which has not been without setbacks, as Belafonte also had to battle network censors in less enlightened days and before cable television but "The Smothers Brothers" having him singing Calypso in front of scenes of police riots just looked like they wanted to get fired at that point.(Although, if you have to go, that's the way to go.) So, whereas it is fair to assume the FBI was watching Belafonte like all other civil rights activists, the evidence the documentary has against one possible informer is spurious to say the least. And your grandparents are right: Tony Bennett is cool.

Heather M (us) wrote: This is some horribly made rip-off of National treasure and The Da Vince Code. Even though it is only a couple of years old, it looks much more dated than that. I saw nothing in the trailer that inspired me to watch this one.

James O (mx) wrote: A horror with heart. Vampires have feelings too you know. This is actually a sweet story and it's done very nicely, not over baked. Somehow the blood and gore is almost a back story. A very classy horror, well made and convincing. Never thought I'd see a mature vampire film but yeah, here it is.

scott g (nl) wrote: a plesent nice suprise this. nick stahl tells us the audience that banks are robbing us, and not happy with unable to get his 20 dollers, but while at bank a robbery takes place, and locked in vault while thieves outside and inside a pretty young lady played by a on form erika christensen, but thieves want in vault, and young lady part of there plan, here he starts to play the thieves, police outside and eventually a mysterious stranger phoneing him on mobile, whos in on plan, a film thats slickly directed, short at hour 20, and uses running time well, no dull moments to speak of, even gavin rossdale is okay here, the story is not predictable and some nice touches and suprises

oscar i (au) wrote: 1. Opinion: The film Freedom Writers was a good movie. It has a very good story plot. The thing I liked most about this film was when the holocaust lady came and talked to the kids about the holocaust. 2. Summary: This movie is about about people rising up from the hood and making a difference so they can make the people they love happy. 3. Acting: The main actors/actresses in Freedom Writers were ? Hilary Swank, the main female character who played Mrs. Gruwell, Patrick Dempsey, Mrs. Gruwell?s husband, and April Lee Hernandez, who played Eva Benitez. They all did a good job acting. I like they way they act. 4. Cinematography: The story of Freedom Writers was successfully/ portrayed because it a good movie because ? The camera shots were very well done They got every angle and movement . An example of this can be seen when ? 5. Music: I would describe the music as ? I say this because ? Overall, the music was effective because ?I like the sing in the movie they always feature famous rappers.

Nadia C (ca) wrote: Never saw a movie with Ellen Page interpreting a villain/psycho. She was really good. But in the end of the movie I was left with the doubt if Jeff was really a pedofile... There was never a concrete proof of Hayley's accusations.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Bella R (au) wrote: White Chicks, a must have to bring to a sleepover. I have watched this movie countless times and it always manages to either put a smile on my face or make me laugh out loud, i would definitely (and have) recommend this to a friend. Surprised it has such a low rating

bill s (gb) wrote: Empty shells of characters set in an empty shell of a movie.

Noname (nl) wrote: A nice action movie which i liked alot. Nicolas Cage makes often very good flicks in the average level and they are always enjoyable. Here he plays a hitman with a job in Bangkok.. simple plot with decent action to sum it up.

Libby R (kr) wrote: This film runs like a poem.

Ashley H (es) wrote: Mickey Blue Eyes is a disappointing film. It is about an English auctioneer who proposes to the daughter of a mafia kingpin, only to realize that certain "favors" would be asked of him. Hugh Grant and James Caan give terrible performances. The script is badly written. Kelly Makin did a horrible job directing this motion picture. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Paul D (es) wrote: I still really enjoy watching this movie. I feel it has a lot to say about how the public treated war veterans from the Vietnam war. Stallone does a fairly decent job, but he certainly has his slurry moments. I felt like it could have dug a tad bit deeper with the themes it was exploring though. It is still a movie worth seeing at least once.

Randy G (jp) wrote: Okay. Not as good as I remember. To be fair though I was only 10 when I first saw it, (In a double feature with Airport 77). What I remembered most was the theme song. Still a wonderful piece of music. As for the movie......Eh.

neil L (ru) wrote: This is one of my favourite films. I can see why people wouldn't like it but I am a fan of weird movies like this. I liked the retro feel of it and the violent subject matter.

John B (fr) wrote: One of the worst films ever made!!!

Wanda S (es) wrote: Una de mis peliculas favoritas desde muy ni~a!!!

Tony D (br) wrote: I really liked this movie! I didn't watch it because I read what you other boneheads wrote. My bad! I realize it has a specific audience, I am one of those. If you don't like the first 15 minutes, simply change the channel.