The Road Builder

The Road Builder

The dreary existence of middle-aged spinster Maura Prince takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of young handyman Billy Jarvis, but there is more to Billy than meets the eye. Based on the novel *Nest in a Fallen Tree* by Joy Cowley.

Effective psychological love story with a macabre twist not found in the original Joy Cowley novel. The dreary existence of middle- aged spinster Maura Prince takes an unexpected turn with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex C (br) wrote: A fantastically fun film with gorgeous animation and titillating action sequences. The world created by the animators and the director is fascinating and exciting. The story was a bit thin and uninspired at points, but the lighthearted characterization and steady humor make up for any trite plot developments. Definitely a great family film

jessie (kr) wrote: I honestly only originally watched this because Jared was in it. I felt like, "it has my favorite actor, why not?" So I watched it with my brother. Let me say that I thought it was going to be a little cheesy and off. Although, now, after viewing, this film is fantastic! Wonderful plot and story, and I adored the transformation in the characters. Espcially the fatherliness at the end (with Basil himself, not Basil's father). Far better than I expected, and I even found myself yelling blasphemies at the TV at times. Lol. It was THAT good. LESSON LEARNED: NEVER JUDGE A MOVIE BEFORE WATCHING. ESPECIALLY WHEN STARRING JL.

Eric H (fr) wrote: George Romero's film about a vagabond group of "rennies" that joust and duel on the backs of modern steel horses strikes a chord in all of us that long for a different reality than the rat race of the present. Merging Excalibur with any open road motorcycle adventure, Romero shows us that life is more than what is normally accepted. If you like adventure and the unusual this is an excellent film to add to your collection.

John H (gb) wrote: The animation style is cheekily subversive - picture a Saturday morning cartoon that tuned in, dropped out and stuck it to the man - and for the first half of the picture Fritz is an endearingly amoral creation, navigating a decaying early-70s and giving the satirical finger to pretentious revolutionaries and boneheaded squares alike. But then the cat leaves New York, the plot falls into a shambles, the antihero becomes a heel and the whole thing collapses under its own weight. More valuable as a time capsule than anything else.

Robert B (ru) wrote: Dark City is fascinating for those who can enjoy a good nature documentary or travelogue. The sets, shooting, and effects are all well-done and it is refreshing to see something from the pre-CG era. Dark City is not particularly dark or scary but has a rather curious (a la Alice in Wonderland) and, at times, campy vibe. The style is noir, the city looks European, Jennifer Connelly is stunning, William Hurt lends a bit of gravitas -- all this makes for a very odd mix that is very interesting and dream-like. The ending is quite silly and the film does have many of the flaws other reviewers point out, but these are all outweighed by the things Dark City does right.

Carlos M (kr) wrote: A disappointing chapter that suffers from a lame interaction between the characters, an inconsistent plot that makes no sense and action scenes that are never memorable, relying too much on CGI and never managing to create any sense of real danger, with a terrible ending.

Nadia C (ca) wrote: Pretty cool movie. Those girls weren't the brightest in their high school, but they were fun and original.

Ian C (br) wrote: Like many a Western you appreciate the slow build up, with the reward been a bloody climax. The fact the main protagonists vulnerable women makes it even more interesting. Sadly, we get an extra slow build up and a major letdown of a showdown.