The Road to Europe

The Road to Europe


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Andrew P (ca) wrote: Updated Tooth Fairy horror story. I liked it more when it was called Darkness Falls.

Cylus O (kr) wrote: A very poor movie and to add insult to injury this film had some of the worst acting I have ever seen.

Salah A (fr) wrote: A nail-biting experience. "Buried" will surprise you with its intensity.

Andrew C (nl) wrote: A fascinating concept for a documentary - can a man simply vanish in the age of constant surveillance? - is fundamentally flawed from the outset as David's wife is seven months pregnant and he has a young daughter. Much better to have spent some more time researching the idea and then attempting the exercise some months later. By then he might have known better than to spend his time on the run staying with friends, visiting relatives, appearing on a video blog, living rough in a forest a la Blair Witch for no discernible reason, and finally turning up for his wife's antenatal class and getting caught.

Chinmai R (ca) wrote: Seen a long time ago. And not all of it either. But what I saw wasn't very good.

Mike K (de) wrote: Jerry and David having fun together.

sam a (ca) wrote: how many season is this movie ... and is the season 3 out ... am dying to watch it

Paavo I (kr) wrote: An idiotic patriotic American superhero fights surreal Commie villains and rioting Frenchmen in Paris. It's not exactly a subtle satire, but the parodied ultimate right-wing views make this a sheer delight.

Lataucia S (ca) wrote: I liked this because it was dark and rustic. I thought the script was good and it made me want to know more and keep watching.