The Road to Redemption

The Road to Redemption

Like so many in Liberia's long and gruesome civil war, the true number will never be known, but it's estimated that 30-40% of the combatants were women and girls. Illiteracy, chaos, and ...

Like so many in Liberia's long and gruesome civil war, the true number will never be known, but it's estimated that 30-40% of the combatants were women and girls. Illiteracy, chaos, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron S (au) wrote: I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of amine by any means, but this is amazing. The art style is slick and creative. The humor always stays on top, and the gore is ridiculously entertaining. Anyone fans of the show better check this out. I need to start watching the series myself as I'm just getting into this phenomenon now.

Chris M (gb) wrote: I read that this is one of the worst films of last year, so I'm banking it's ideal for a "Good Beer; Bad Movie" night.

John B (es) wrote: This was a very engaging and thought-provoking film. Surprises abound. Definitely worth a watch.

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Umit S (de) wrote: memorable movie. very bloody violent scenes inside.

Jon H (jp) wrote: Pierce Brosnan is Mark Taffin, a nice guy who hates to beat and blow people up, but does it all the same when push comes to shove. Judging from the situation (evildoers are going to wreck the environment in a small Irish town), it's hard to say how 007 would've dealt with this...

Shawn M (es) wrote: I grew up on this and the River boat pirates. I think one of the greatest movies ever made by Disney.

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