The Road to San Diego

The Road to San Diego

A young Argentine learns that soccer star Diego Maradona is ailing in a Buenos Aires hospital, and resolves to bring him a tree root he's discovered.

A young Argentine learns that soccer star Diego Maradona is ailing in a Buenos Aires hospital, and resolves to bring him a tree root he's discovered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clarke D (gb) wrote: This is an exquisite film of the highest caliber. Genevieve Bujold is outstanding as is James Comwell. If you're growing older, please check this film out. Rewarding.

Leah T (nl) wrote: Interesting to see story.

Fong K (es) wrote: This will be added to the list of sequels that are even better than the first instalment. Every aspect is served, to our delight, in bigger proportions. More action, more compelling drama, more disturbing insights and the enemy is ever bigger than the drug lords the BOPE fights in ELITE SQUAD - that of corrupted police and dishonourable politicians.

KJ P (ag) wrote: When it comes to Canadian cinema, there are very few wide releases in a year. Aside from films like Bon Cop Bad Cop or The Sweet Hereafter that have gained a cult following, there isn't much of a draw to Canadian films. On a shoestring budget, Goon was released back in 2012, and while it was not regarded as a box office success, its cult following became fairly large upon its home release. Not only is this a solid Canadian film, but its a solid film in general. Sure, it embraces the fact that its Canadian and exploits the use of hockey, the term "eh," and being extremely polite and apologetic, but when you're making a Canadian film about hockey, why wouldn't you just go all out. Here is why I think Goon demands your attention if you haven't seen it. Sean William Scott has went off the radar after his stardom in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Starring in hits like American Pie and Dude, Where's My Car?, many people quite enjoyed his presence on-screen. That being said, this is by far the best performance I've ever seen him give. Goon follows Doug Glatt (Scott) as he is recruited by a local OHL hockey team for being a fantastic fighter. He can't skate, he is ridiculed, and his teammates can't even believe he was asked to be on the team. Being very useful when needed, the team begins to come around on him and he may just be what they needed to make the playoffs after all. It's about as Canadian as Canadian stereotypes get, but this film makes it work so well. With such a simple premise, there needs to be a villain that really gives our hero a run for his money. Hoping to fight the best of the best, Doug will do everything he must, including fighting the champion in Ross Rhea. Although he doesn't have a lot of screen time, Liev Schreiber and Sean William Scott have some very believable chemistry here. Throughout the film you will most likely be focussing on the character arc of Doug, but you will also be long-awaiting the showdown between these two goons on the ice. The wait is more than worth it and I found myself engaged in this film from beginning to end. The fight itself isn't the reason I enjoy this film so much though, but the undeniable likability of the central character. Rough and tough, Doug Glatt is one hell of a fighter on the ice, but it really is about the humanity of his character. How is as polite as can be off the ice and pretty dim-witted out in the real world. These characteristics are truly what make this film so likeable. Sean William Scott's portrayal of this character is absolutely gut-busting and I found myself laughing throughout every single scene he was present in. Goon is by no means a groundbreaking comedy, but it's easily one of the best films to come from Canada in the last decade or so. In the end, a film like this wouldn't have been as authentic as it was without an actual Canadian hand in the mix. Written by Jay Baruchel, he also plays Doug's best friend throughout the film, and while he is just present to make audiences laugh, he does serve the purpose of giving his friend the much needed confidence on the ice. Cleverly written, well-directed by the man behind films like The F Word and Take Me Home Tonight, and having a sense of humanity and heart along with some pretty gut-splitting comedy, Goon is easily one of my favourite Canadian films. I really do think this is the best comedy revolving around hockey since the original Slap Shot. It's pretty straight forward when looking back on it and some of the jokes are very one-note, but the story is cared for and the end product is great. I highly recommend Goon.

Andy C (es) wrote: Average. Some OK parts, some weak parts, you know.

Paul C (it) wrote: The story of this film was all over the place. They do tell you by the end what it is about. I guarantee when you find out, you will still have a confused look on your face. The cast wasn't too bad. Gina Philips seemed to have this weird scream in the film that made no sense though. Oh look a mouse, SCREAM. Oh look a guy with an knife, small yell. Tom Sizemore on the overhand made a pretty cool creepy guy. At points he will really get on your nerves because you know he has a screw loose. The film does have its scary moments, but the confusing story line makes it a bit tough to really get scared. A few more jumping scenes or ghosts could of done the trick to at least make you love the movie for that, but it lacked a bit in that area too. So it had the potential, but failed.

Caitlin L (ru) wrote: A great surf movie. Love the relationship between the three girls. Great ending.

Alexander R (ca) wrote: Something to Talk About is a little to slow and subtle for most viewers, but it has a reserved humor about it that appeals, and it never panders. The fact that it's not the usual blunt Hollywood fair, and the fact that it's a chick flick, will probably keep it from general appeal.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: A roasting of 1970's & 80's sci-fi. Good film, dedicated actors, decent enough script, but just not inspired. This is Mel Brooks at his worst, which is still fairly good.

Andrew M (mx) wrote: Morgan Freeman as a pimp, highly unlikely. Christopher Reeve as a reporter is stiff and has no emotion to it. It makes no sense at all, and the plot sucks. Morgan Freeman you rule, and you have an amazing voice.

Ivan R (br) wrote: Saw it. Loved it. It's the first movie Almodovar and Antonio Banderas worked together and it's actually the movie that put Banderas on the map in Spain back in 1987. Unfortunately, I saw it on DVD with my mother who was VERY uncomfortable with some of the sex scenes. But hey, she needs to grow up.

Jacob B (nl) wrote: A film which resulted in angry parental complaints because, alongside Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, was too dark for its PG rating (and thus resulting in the MPAA giving birth to the PG-13 rating), Gremlins is nevertheless a classic thanks in large part to its special effects, adorable creature which goes by the name of Gizmo, great mix of fantasy, horror and comedy and a compelling story that ought to entertain audiences of at least ages 11 and up.

David S (br) wrote: A classic case of a movie growing stronger as it goes along. What starts out as 30 minutes of auditions mixed with a girl running away from home turns into a satire of 70s suburban life, drug culture, etc. The pot-smoking lesson would make the movie valuable even if nothing else did.

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Anna S (it) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck was the embodiment of nonchalant "femininity". No classic actress managed to mix foul-mouthed, liquor-gulping, chain-smoking toughness with high heels as well as Stanwyck did... (all the while keeping her tongue planted firmly in her cheek).

Jay K (es) wrote: Star Wars and Star Trek fans will find the force in Fanboys, but general movie-goers may not see the funny.In the world of film geekdom it all comes down to one simple question, Star Wars or Star Trek? Personally, I'm a jedi kind of guy over those Starfleet folk. And as a "fanboy" myself, there's a ton to take away from this picture. It's the American Pie of Star Wars. Crude jokes, sci-fi references and stellar cameos ride the course of the movie, as four Star Wars geeks try to penetrate George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. The year is 1998 and six months before Episode 1: The Phantom Menace is released; our four fanatics want to see a rough cut of the movie before anyone else.Fanboys is filled with the junk film buffs love: Mass quantities of inside jokes and hilarious cameos by cult heroes like Kevin Smith, Billy Dee Williams, Carrie Fisher and of course, William Shatner. But for those who waited in line for the midnight screening of The Phantom Menace (guilty), you'll be surprised to find something more poignant. You may find yourself laughing at just how silly it was to setup shop 24 hours before hand to grab tickets to a movie that is now hailed as the death of the franchise. And Fanboys is definitely something to share with that guy you hung out with in high school arguing over the forbidden love of Luke & Leia. And for the record, they didn't know they were brother and sister!I just moved into a new place with two ladies. Neither of them know anything about "Han shooting first" or the replacement of Sebastian Shaw in the re-mastered final "Jedi" scene. So while watching Fanboys, I remember how growing up sometimes means leaving behind things you love. My former roommate (Mark) and I would debate for hours how Yoda should've been able to take the Emperor in Revenge of the Sith. Or how Harrison Ford really was the best part of Star Wars and how Luke was a tool - well, until Jabba's palace. And it sucks that we have to move away from the good times in our lives, no matter how dorky, because they made us who we are. And yes, it matters to us.Mark and I are no longer roommates and I'm going to miss those times, but just like the movie will attest to, moving forward doesn't necessary have to mean you give up on your own "Death Star" (Luke's superlative moment in history). Mark's out doing that now and I'm here writing for you, piecing these moments together.Fanboys may not be the best movie, and it doesn't score as well as Road Trip, American Pie or even Tomcats but what you do take away from this corny romp will probably be something like I did. A film with really good intentions, and a fantastic message: Growing up doesn't mean you have to give up who you used to be.

Charles S (ag) wrote: Not a great movie but worth it for Jessica Alba ;)

Brian K (fr) wrote: A charming romantic comedy that shows its age yet remains spry.