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The Rocking Horse Winner

A young boy receives a rocking horse for Christmas and soon learns that he is able to pick the winning horse at the races.

The Rocking Horse Winner is a funny movie of FangFap. The released year of this movie is 1949. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Valerie Hobson, John Howard Davies, Ronald Squire, John Mills, Hugh Sinclair, Charles Goldner, Susan Richards, Cyril Smith. Movie' genres are Fantasy. The rating is 7.5 in We have a good movie torrents. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 91 minutes. DeGea is crazy uploader, she is very proactive. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Excited', so what is your thought. Do you know what are users? Maria Ozawa is the best. I don't push my laptop screen. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

A young boy receives a rocking horse for Christmas and soon learns that he is able to pick the winning horse at the races

The Rocking Horse Winner torrents

The Rocking Horse Winner full movie

The Rocking Horse Winner1949 torrent

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Users reviews

bill s (nl)

Beautiful and well acted drivel

Bobby B (au)

Essential life lessons

Dan H (gb)

It was worth a watch, kinda funny

Darlene M (gb)

The will they - won't they, and the real-time interaction is perfect. I love this one as much as the first, maybe more

Daryl L (fr)

Not that engaging, not executed as well as it could have been the twist was obvious

Deb S (ag)

It's never fun watching a movie with eyes sealed shut and fingers digging into the seat of my sofa. I think I'm gonna pass on this one. . . . Sounds a bit too extreme for me with high cringe factor

Emily (it)

Bette Davis is always so lovely

Glenn C (mx)

The opening sequence is pretty cool too. If you haven't watched any of the After Dark Originals, this is a reasonable place to start. They remind me of Damien from The Omen (x2) and even bare a resemblance. This is a great looking and stylised film that is genuinely creepy and the screen presence of these brothers is actually unnerving. Orlando Jones stars as a homicide detective on the case who suspects the twins but becomes a pawn in their macabre game. With their power they embark on a grisly murder spree as an experiment to push their power to its limit. they even sleep in the same bed. . . Every aspect of their lives is in sync, from hairstyle to their school bags. 'Seconds Apart' is an impressive supernatural chiller about twin brothers who possess a strong telepathic connection. I've been working my way through them recently and will gradually post reviews. These are modest films with an average budget of $1M and they're comparable to the Masters Of Horror series, only feature length. As well as their distribution department they also team up with Lionsgate & SyFy to release 'After Dark Originals'. "After Dark" is an American horror distributor who run the annual After Dark Horrorfest, one of the worlds biggest horror film festivals

Naomi G (au)

If repeating the same hackneyed film techniques, dreadful acting, and lame cinematography are the road to success, it is no wonder Hollywood considered Ford to be one of its most successful. Often called John Wayne's best film and John Ford's masterpiece, I would have to differ on both counts and write that Rio Grande is possibly the worst movie ever made

Phil H (us)

/i]. Oh! The odd flimsy I removed from the pocketbook of your book-ish wench. . . [i]'Money. I would say if you're a fan of a certain Johnny Depp franchise you might actually get a kick outta this as it [b]could[/b] be seen as a slight precursor. The slapstick factor is high, the cornball routine is very evident and the formula wasn't too original for the time (after various other similar projects), but despite all that the movie is still very enjoyable for all the family. Unfortunately they do slightly hamper my enjoyment now. The plot chugs along nicely, its fun and engaging but admittedly looking back, there are a lot of childish moments in there that I can't really complain about now because, after all, this is a Disney movie for kids. The acting is generally fine all round but clearly the film is kept afloat by Ustinov as Blackbeard, without him this could of been quite drab methinks. But the whole film does also have that wonderfully bright and vivid look to it down to the good old 60's technicolour system, always pleasant to see. As said whilst many of the effects are still quite cool to see and work well, many do not and look pretty awful. So does this Disney gem still hold up? Well yes and no. Again back in the day I loved it, these days its looking a bit worse for wear. phew! This basically involves a whole load of cartoonish tomfoolery on wires as an invisible pirate beats up the two-bit thugs. . . The final major bit of action would be Walker and Blackbeard going to Silky's place to get back the money Silky refused to pay out on the bet Blackbeard put down on Godolphin to win the track meet. The sped up footage for certain trick shots look especially dreadful. As a kid I used to love this part in the film and its still engaging no doubt, but boy are those effects looking rusty these days. This is where we really see Blackbeard come into his own with his supernatural assistance. The main event of the movie is the big track meet where Walker must try and get a result out of the Godolphin team who are made up of a bunch of wimps and losers. Yet despite all the kooky events the cop still does Walker for drink driving. This eventually ends up with a riderless 'ghost bike' (Blackbeard riding it but the cop obviously doesn't see him) chasing the cop. There is an amusing little sequence where Blackbeard commandeers Walker's car and they end up getting chased by a cop on a bike. There isn't any action so to speak but more large scale incidents if you will. As for action and adventure its a mixed bag really. Anything floating was done so with wires, backgrounds were expanded with matte paintings, fog machines utilised, acrobatic work from various stuntmen, and some good pretend acting from Jones and Ustinov. As for the actual ghostly effects its pretty much a case of wire work and old fashioned tricks of the trade. Naturally Blackbeard's bedroom and the old inn look the most atmospheric and eerie. Costumes and props are all acceptable and again, like the sets, successfully immerse you in the story. The track event also looked dubiously like it was shot on an interior set, which it probably was. Some sets such as Seymour's restaurant do look bizarrely fake compared to the others, which is odd it has to be said, its like they ran out of money and room. Obviously much of what you see is on sets, clear as day sets, but they still look atmospheric enough. When it comes to the effects this movie is pretty basic, you're not gonna see anything mind blowing here folks. None of them were particularly funny or anything, they were just perfectly cast from a visual standpoint with Joby Baker sounding shifty to boot. At the same time his little band of thugs looked like they'd all stepped out of a Chuck Jones directed [i]Bugs Bunny[/i] cartoon, or a [i]Dick Tracy[/i] comic strip. The shady casino owner, perfectly named Silky Seymour (Joby Baker), was so damn slimy, slithery, creepy and sly he made you itch. Sure she looks cute but my God her voice! Luckily the bad guys in this quirky little flick are great stuff, top banana. Nevertheless I still find it hard to like Walker because he is so damn moody all the time, add to that the rather annoying portrayal of Walkers love interest played by Suzanne Pleshette. They are both essentially incompatible but Blackbeard is Walkers foil. Has he been summoned from the grave previously?[i]'What manner of craft be this we're cruisin' in?'[/i]Of course I fully understand why the character of Walker is supposed to be the way he is, its so he can work off the character of Blackbeard. Although upon reflection, old Blackbeard doesn't really come across as amazed by the present day and all its technological wonders. The way he prances around in his pirate costume is just an amusing sight, his facial expressions, the pitch of his voice, hell even his facial hair is kinda funny to look at. His physical comedy is spot on which is accentuated by his rather tubby appearance. There are moments when he's actually genuinely funny as he mocks Walker or another characters. Its also a joy to watch all the little quirks and jabs that Ustinov injects into the character. What I loved about his performance was the way he could change from being quite serious and rugged to chirpy and cheerful in the blink of an eye, whilst all the while being completely agreeable for the kids. of anything. . . Ustinov plays Blackbeard (presumably going by the book) as a jolly, quite open minded, persistent, opportunistic pirate that likes a good drink. Yes you can keep your Jack Sparrow's and such, Ustinov's Blackbeard was brilliant and an absolute hoot for all ages. If there was ever one man who could make you wanna be a pirate and sail the seven seas, be it as a child or as an adult, it was Ustinov as Blackbeard. On the flip side old Blackbeard is a wonderful character and that is fantastically portrayed by the epic Peter Ustinov. In short Walker is a real curmudgeon. Thing is it takes almost the entire movie for Walker to get on board with Blackbeard which kinda stifles the fun at some points. if admittedly risky at the same time. . . But each time everything works out alright proving the massive advantage of having Blackbeard around. I mean OK, Blackbeard does get him arrested for drunk driving which nearly costs Walker his job, he steals vital mortgage payment money for the inn to bet on the Godolphin track team, and nearly loses Walker his bird. There were honestly times when I just wanted to slap Walker across the face and tell him lighten the fuck up, you have a spiritual pirate at your side for Christ's sake! that's awesome! Even when Blackbeard shows how useful he can be Walker still won't have any of it, he still shuns the ghost and refuses to let him help. But no, all Walker can think about are his morals and principles whilst constantly yelling at poor old Blackbeard. Then there's the fun aspect of being friends with a ghost and the things you could learn, its literally a win win situation. OK sure he's supposed to be having a rough time and Blackbeard is annoying and drunk for the most part, but surely anyone could see the benefits of having a ghost covering your back. This Walker is guy is fine at first but as soon as he unleashed Blackbeard he turns into this grumpy, rude, gruff, almost petulant adult that's virtually impossible to get behind. Now to be truthful I never actually liked Jones in this movie, not because he's wrong for the part or anything, but because his character is such an arse. He's high on morals, firm on principles and a stickler for discipline. Jones plays this kind, gentle but firm track coach who simply won't stand for any nonsense. The fourth movie in that run was this supernatural kids comedy. Jones was apparently so well received in this film that Walt Disney signed him on for a whole string of his movies. First off we have the Walt Disney stalwart Dean Jones who began his Disney run of fortune in the 1965 picture 'That Darn Cat!'. Anyway lets start with a brief look at the cast for this movie. Now first off I will mention that this movie is actually based on a novel of the same name by Ben Stahl, never knew that myself. The inn's elderly owners have a time limit to pay off the remaining mortgage. Silky wants to tear down the old inn and build a new casino in its place. This results in Blackbeard turning his attention to Walker's track team and eventually (in a sort of subplot) trying to save the old inn from a slimy, casino owning, two-bit hood and his thugs. They must now help each other so they can be rid of each other. So Walker finds himself tied at the hip to old Blackbeard because of the curse, this being even more troublesome for Walker as old Blackbeard is a stinky drunk. Thusly his wife had put a curse on old Blackbeard to remain in limbo after death until he perfects a good deed. Said bed warmer was the property of Blackbeard's wife (Aldetha) whom he had burnt at the stake for being a witch (twas common practice back then). Walker accidentally summons said ghost after he accidentally discovers an old page of magic spells from within an antique bed warmer (long story cut short). I mean Blackbeard, you know cos the title of the movie. . . Anyway this old Inn is naturally haunted by the ghost of Scrooge. Not sure how old these ships are meant to be exactly but judging by the exterior visage they appear to be old galleons! One must ask oneself about health and safety if that is the case. Walker stays at the local hotel (or inn) called Blackbeard's Inn which just so happens to be made up of old bits of ships that got shipwrecked in the local bay. The last coach ran off under odd circumstances so the locals hope the new guy will settle in OK. New coach Steve Walker (Dean Jones) arrives at the sleepy old coastal town of Godolphin, Maryland, to take charge of the colleges track team (I presume the town is called Godolphin as that's what the college is called). ever! This is also even more surprising considering the cast involved and the fact that Walt Disney legend Robert Stevenson directed this!So the gist of the movie is thus. . . You literally never hear anyone mention this movie like. The other amazing thing about this movie is how underrated it is, how little is known about it and how completely forgotten it is. It was only when I was a tad older that I actually managed to sit down and watch it from beginning to end and realised I still loved it. It was one of those old flicks that despite loving it, I don't think I ever actually saw it all the way through for quite some time, for various childhood related reasons. So back in the day, the good old days, when I was but a mere nipper, this was one of those movies that would pop up on telly during a lazy Bank Holiday afternoon or maybe over Christmas