The Roe's Room

The Roe's Room

Bound to a suffocating existence, a young man embarks on a marvelous journey of the imagination, transforming ordinary details of his room into fantastic images of natural beauty, where the cycles of life mysteriously play themselves out.

A young boy transforms his cloistered existence into a richly poetic emotional utopia through song and dance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham W (es) wrote: After this morning's viewing I needed something lighter!

Aishwarya K (mx) wrote: oh this movie is good . i really like it . especially when he goes to tell sorry . oh and radhika makes him pay . oh yeah i really like it . but deepika padukone was like a mannequin. but never the less the movie was good .

Cesar B (gb) wrote: I love the series and I hate to see an end to all this.

Brendan M (kr) wrote: I haven't seen this film but have read the screenplay and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not really realistic, but at the centre of this teen drama is a surprisingly emotional core, that so many "gritty" teenager movies are lacking.

Paul S (de) wrote: Think people have been a bit harsh about this film. Just accept it as a low budget action film and enjoy it. I have seen blockbuster movies worse than this.

Martin S (us) wrote: Interesting as a show biz document as well as intimate biography. And hilarious at some sets of course.

Michael F (au) wrote: a good ending to the film series with Connor returning and a new immortal Duncan facing the immortal who killed connor's mom and made duncans wife betray him

Bloodmarsh K (ag) wrote: It's no surprise to see Stiller's name attached to this overhyped junk.

Poul F (kr) wrote: Its hoaky and a bit dated like most films of the time but it still holds up as one of the more shocking in its genre, the bath tub scene is classic.

Ofeli G (it) wrote: Ed Norton & Mila Jovovich gave fantastic original performances, but this story was baffling & creepy. Ew.

Jeffrey P (ca) wrote: Pretty bad, but at parts laughable. Generally wouldn't recommend to someone else.