The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

Critics and the public say Karen Stone is too old -- as she approaches 50 -- for her role in a play she is about to take to Broadway. Her businessman husband, 20 years her senior, has been the angel for the play and gives her a way out: They are off to a holiday in Rome for his health. He suffers a fatal heart attack on the plane. Mrs. Stone stays in Rome. She leases a magnificent apartment with a view of the seven hills from the terrace. Then the contessa comes calling to introduce a young man named Paola to her. The contessa knows many presentable young men and lonely American widows.

Critics and the public say Karen Stone is too old -- as she approaches 50 -- for her role in a play she is about to take to Broadway. Her businessman husband, 20 years her senior, has been ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chantal v (jp) wrote: Hm. Unsure about this one. Impressive and interesting, yes. But if it's possible to make a superficial movie about something far from superficial, this is it. It left me curious about things that I was absolutely sure I was going to see - actual sailing, hard work, how she made and send her homework, any formalities en route, breakdowns if any, etc. But no. There's not even a lot of actual active sailing that you see. I saw a pretty and determined girl doing the most f*cking awesome thing and this movie made it look like it was easy. It's an interesting watch but it feels like all profoundness was meticulously removed. Your brain tells you "This should be EPIC!" and you feel nothing. Or at least I didn't. One of the results is Laura coming off as a not very likeable girl and I'm sure that's fair.

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Davey M (es) wrote: It's minor Sturges, but minor Sturges is still better than most anything else--a rich, funny, sad, sweet satire on the American (and maybe Hollywood--it feels potentially autobiographical) dream. Lovely stuff.

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