The Romantic

The Romantic

Set in a world of autumn landscapes, a young man, the Romantic, falls out of love with his girlfriend. He visits the goddess Love, asking her to restore his feelings. She warns him this is not a good idea, but when he persists she reluctantly agrees. When he returns to his girlfriend he finds her with another man. Feeling betrayed by the gods Love, Hate and Time, he sets out with his companion, Patience, seeking revenge.

Deep within a mythological world of autumn landscapes and wondrous creatures, a heartbroken young Romantic swears an oath to free his race from the omnipotent control of the otherworldly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Romantic torrent reviews

Isabelle G (ru) wrote: A gem of a film, funny, tender, crossing borders: a story of food, feud, family and live everyone can relate to. The cast is superb! More indie films pleaassse!

Jennifer B (gb) wrote: This looks hysterical... can't wait!

Brandon S (de) wrote: An embarrassment. Where did Peter Webber get the notion that people were just dying to see a lazy horror movie that makes its best attempt at ruining the mystery behind the most psychologically fascinating icon in the history of the horror genre? Also not to mention the fact that Gaspard Ulliel misses everything that made Anthony Hopkins' original performance great. Unnecessary, horribly written, lazily directed, and acted with little to no passion or subtlety.

Deborah P (es) wrote: Touching, honest, wonderful movie. And what a leading actress!

Richard S (ag) wrote: Shane Meadows is one of my favourite directors and this is one of his older films that I have only just got around to watching. It feels quite different from his other films, you see flashes of the director he is today but there is certainly something missing. Even so, it is still an enjoyable film.

Jared S (mx) wrote: Interesting premise, but I'm sure the novella was better than this odd film. The entire movie leads up an ending that apparently differs from the original source. In the movie Bowden finishes off the bum that Kurt almost killed. Seriously?Why? Why did he do that, it's not like there was much dirt on Todd Bowden so why did he feel the need to off the guy - I mean where did that come from?. And did Kurt Dussander really know that the bum wasn't dead? Because it seems like his intentions were pretty unrealistic for Bowden to do that. Another note is that we didn't hear any of the freaking stories. What's up with that? We see the impact it has on the main character but we have no clue what is being exchanged b/w the two main characters? We should at least be given some clue as to what is making the new found evil really come out in Brad Renfro's character.

Millo T (ru) wrote: Between 2.5 and 3. Although it starts from an original initial idea, it is caught by this principle (that was the danger I understand logic) and is not able to scratch much more, becoming just a common thriller-action movie. There is not much development of the characters (although something, but not enough to what you should expect), and some points are solved in a little poor way. So, good try, but...

Nicki M (us) wrote: Obviously a made for tv movie, but I enjoyed it. It was easy to watch on a week night. Not too challenging and a bit too nice to be real (particularly for a police story), but decent plot and I thought Emile De Ravin was good here, if a bit young looking for the role. It's not a must see, but you could certainly see worse.

Jo Y (mx) wrote: Ann Was good actress

Augustine H (ca) wrote: It's a film for art lovers for it portrays the life of Turner vividly, but a disaster comparing with other films of Mike Leigh.

Charlie M (jp) wrote: We miss you Spalding!